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Crisis essentials checklist

How prepared are you?

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  • The crisis essentials checklist

This simple checklist will help you identify if you are prepared to respond effectively and recover from a crisis.

Have you:   
Prepared an emergency management plan for your business - which includes your responsibilities to clients and staff?YesNo
Secured adequate insurance coverage for your business to cover issues such as asset damage and loss and business interruption?YesNo
Identified the emergency management arrangements for your area and made contact with local emergency services?YesNo
Found out who to contact and how you will stay informed in the event of an emergency?YesNo
Developed an appropriate policy and procedures to deal with cancellations, curtailment or forward bookings? YesNo
Listed your business with the nearest accredited Visitor Information Centre and/or the database of your regional and local tourism associations?YesNo
Identified the protocol for working with the media during an emergency especially the need for a sole regional spokesperson on tourism?YesNo

If you answered yes to 7 or 8 questions – you're well on your way to deal effectively with a crisis. Spend time reviewing the respond section to ensure you're ready to act in an emergency.

If you answered yes to 5 or 6 questions – your business is quite well prepared, but you need to undertake some tasks to increase your capacity to cope with an emergency. Spend time reviewing the emergency planning section.

If you answered yes to four or fewer questions –  you don't currently have adequate processes in place to respond effectively to a crisis, and your preparation requires urgent attention. Spend time reviewing the managing risk section and develop a risk management plan.