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Victoria-Israel Feasibility and Proof of Concept (VISFPC)

Grants of up to $50,000 to collaborate with Israeli organisations to help accelerate innovation.

Program Overview 

The VISFPC program will support Victorian companies and research institutions to partner with Israeli organisations to help accelerate innovation, access expertise, develop skills and reach global markets and international investors.

The VISFPC program is part of the Victoria-Israel Science Innovation and Technology Scheme (VISITS),an initiative providing Victorian and Israeli organisations with the opportunity to work collaboratively on projects of mutual benefit.

Applications for the VISFPC program are currently suspended. Please refer to the Boost Your Business Voucher Program for current grant opportunities. 

At a glance

Potential grant funding

Up to $50,000, with cash co-contributions by successful grant applicants.


Victorian applicants must have a Registered Office located in Victoria and identify an unrelated Israeli organisation with which to collaborate.

Eligibility criteria

The applicant organisation must:
  • have its Registered Office and principal place of business located in Victoria (as recorded by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, ASIC)
  • be able to meet the requirement of a cash co-contribution to the project, and
  • not be currently involved in litigation against the State Government of Victoria.
All applicant organisations must identify:
  • an Israeli organisation with which it will collaborate on the project
  • a Victorian based small to medium Victorian registered company that would potentially benefit from the project.
The applicant organisation and the small to medium Victorian registered company can be one and the same.

Applicant organisations cannot be related in any way with the Israeli collaborating organisations. Ensure you have read the application guidelines before applying. 

    VISFPC Application Guidelines (DOCX 74.47 KB)DOCX icon 

    What you get

    The VISFPC program provides funding that can be applied flexibly to project-specific expenditure. The funding cannot be used for business-as-usual activities.

    Tips and hints

    When considering funding from the VISFPC program stream, proposals are assessed in relation to:
    • technical attributes and methodology
    • influence on strengthening existing collaborative partnerships and forming new ones
    • benefits to the applicant organisation, other Victorian organisations and the State of Victoria.

    How to apply

    VISFPC grants will be continuously open and applications may be submitted online at any time.

    The online application must be accompanied by the following attachments:

    • completed project proposal
    • completed budget
    • copies of financial information.

    All Victorian companies that apply must provide the following documentation:

    • financial reports for the last two financial years; the final accounts with Directors’ Report and Declaration, including Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Notes to the Accounts.
    • up to date management or interim accounts (Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet) where the latest financial report is more than six months old.

    The application form must be authorised by a person with the appropriate financial delegation to approve external service agreements and payments.  Projects are to be commenced within three months and completed within 12 months from the execution of the grant agreements.

    Successful applicants will be awarded funds by the Victorian Government.

    Applicants are required to make a cash co-contribution to the project of an equal or greater value than the grant amount awarded.

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