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Global Discovery Exchange

Supporting manufacturers to innovate, develop capability and grow.


The Global Discovery Exchange initiative supports leading Victorian manufacturers to visit cutting edge manufacturing businesses in leading global locations.

At a glance

The aim of this initiative is to increase the adoption of new or improved technology and processes by Victorian manufacturers.

This will be achieved by supporting leading Victorian manufacturers to visit cutting edge manufacturing businesses across the globe, benchmark against global leading practice and experience new technologies from leading global locations.

Discovery exchanges will be focused on advanced manufacturing approaches and technologies that are relevant across several manufacturing sectors, for example, smart energy systems and technologies, additive manufacturing technologies, and digital transformation.


Successful applicants will be provided with a comprehensive program of meetings and events with leading global manufacturing businesses, research organisations and industry bodies, including pre- and post- trip briefings.

Applicants may receive support for the cost of in-country travel. Applicants are required to organise and pay for their airfares from and to Victoria and personal expenses.


The initiative is intended for manufacturing businesses that are on a growth trajectory.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for assistance under this initiative:
  • Be headquartered in Victoria or able to demonstrate a significant manufacturing presence in Victoria, including manufacturing facilities and jobs, or be a relevant industry association
  • Be a legal entity that is currently engaged in manufacturing or the manufacturing supply chain or able to demonstrate a genuine commercial connection to or representative function for the manufacturing supply chain
  • Have a sound case for attending the knowledge exchange and engaging with businesses or organisations that the knowledge exchange will be visiting
  • Meet all industrial relations obligations as an employer in accordance with the National Employment Standards
  • Not be subject to an investigation by a government regulator
  • Be able to demonstrate OHS and WorkSafe compliance
  • Be represented on the knowledge exchange by a senior officer of the company. Distributors, agents or other in market representatives may be invited to participate in events but are not automatically entitled to all the privileges of a knowledge exchange participant
  • Be able to self-fund international airfares, insurance costs and personal expenses to participate in the knowledge exchange
  • Agree to participate in future program evaluation activity.

NOTE: Commonwealth, State and Local government departments, agencies and bodies are not eligible to apply.

In addition:

  • Applicants that withdraw within 3 weeks of the knowledge exchange commencement date may be ineligible for future government programs and may be liable for expenses incurred on their behalf prior in the lead up to the knowledge exchange.
  • Applicants must participate in all events attached to their knowledge exchange program unless discussed and agreed in advance with the program manager. Applicants who do not commit to a full knowledge exchange program may be ineligible for future knowledge exchanges.
  • All company representatives must conduct themselves in a professional manner having regard to the spirit and intent of the knowledge exchange. The approved applicant will be responsible for the welfare and conduct of its knowledge exchange attendees at all times.
  • The Department reserves the right to reject any application without being obliged to discuss the reasons for doing so. Any decision made by the Department will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • Future Exchanges
  • Discovery Exchange Purpose Location Applications

    Previous Global Discovery Exchanges
  • Discovery Exchange Purpose Location Applications closed
    The Future of Manufacturing - Hannover Messe Victorian manufacturers will explore opportunities arising from the next wave of industrial development, including exploring the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, automation, new energy technology and additive manufacturing.
    Hannover, Berlin, Munich 15 February 2019
    Rolling Stock Global Discover Exchange Access to major international rail manufacturing operations and businesses, enabling Victorian companies to benchmark against global leading practice and gain first-hand experience about new technologies an processes. UK, Switzerland and Germany 15 August 2018
    Industry 4.0 Digital Shipyard Exploration of Industry 4.0 technologies through the lens of digital shipyards. Visit to major US submarine and shipbuilding companies who have implemented digital manufacturing principles and technologies. Connecticut, Virginia and Alabama, USA 6 August 2018

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