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2014 Premier's Design Award Winners

Victorian designers and business rewarded for excellence in design in 2014.

Award Overview

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The Victorian Government recognises and rewards Victorian designers and businesses using exemplar design effectively and sustainably.

2014 Premiers Design Award Winners

The Commons 

Overall Winner - Architectural Design

The Commons is about sustainable urbanisation – a triple bottom line development. Apartments are generous, simple, affordable, sustainable and value add to the community. The design strategy was to build a vertical community. Residents share rooftop gardens, solar hot water, electricity generation systems, roof top laundry, bike parking and bee hives. The architecture has been a catalyst for bringing together socially responsible individuals who are now striving to give back not only to their neighbors but also to improve their broader community.The Commons was designed to give people a home in the city not a box in the sky.

Better Ways to Bank

Digital Design is a fully responsive site that’s simple yet engaging, with friendly, needs-based content including seamlessly embedded HTML5 videos created especially for the site. Based on user needs and insights, we identified, storyboarded and produced a total of seven custom HTML5 videos for These videos were informative and entertaining, illustrating how simple, safe and user-friendly it is to do your banking. A distinctive style of voice over, animation, music and colour palette was used throughout to ensure consistency of messaging.

Think Ahead – Exhibition about Imagining the Future at Scienceworks

Communication Design
Think Ahead is a long term (7+years) exhibition aimed at children 8-12years-old. It invites visitors to imagine the future, presenting advances in science and technology that affect the way we live, communicate travel and play. The exhibition has ten interconnected themes – communication, sound, medicine/health, food, natural systems/environments, transport, space, money, daily life, cities – as well a ‘future ideas’ demonstration area.

Quirkii Paper Products

Design Strategy
An existing range of paper/transfer/magnet product was rebranded to increase sales and aesthetic appeal. As Officeworks has a broad customer base, the design could not be seen to target one demographic in particular. There has been an increase on like for like sales of 30% the only change to the products was the packaging, the price and quantity remained the same.

Smart Blocks

Service Design
Smart Blocks is a national online service helping apartment owners and their managers make energy efficiency changes to the shared property of their buildings. Smart Blocks enables and equips apartment owners and their managers with the right tools and know-how to work together to get an energy efficiency project up and running in their building. Smart Blocks was co-designed with owners and managers during the design research and prototyping stages. Our design-led approach helped us create solutions that best support and enable this community and environment. Smart Blocks currently has 419 buildings registered and 214 projects started in the program.


Product Design
Minbie is a baby’s bottle teat with revolutionised design-functionality. Made of biocompatible soft silicone, Minbie offers a new level of support for continued breastfeeding and for a newborn’s digestion.
“We have been in the nursery feeding sector for many years and believe that Minbie represents a significant breakthrough in the approach of Industrial Design to bottle feeding.” Jon Seddon, Director Industrial Design. Minbie is based on 100% innovation. The July 2013 – July 2014 design innovations involved fine-tuning the functionality as well as cross-disciplinary design for the new reusable and recyclable packaging.

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