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Govea Awards Previous Winners 2012

Rewarding Victoria's most successful and innovative export businesses.

Thank you to all our winners

 The Governor of Victoria Export Awards (GOVEA) is one of the most prestigious business awards in Victoria. Rewarding Victoria’s most successful and innovative exporters with the stamp of international success, a GOVEA gives your business recognition in the local and international marketplace.

Winners and commendees

Agribusiness Winner: Hy Gain Feeds Pty Ltd

Education and Training Winner: CPA Australia

Emerging Exporter Winner: Placard Pty Ltd

Information and Communication Technology Winner: CPT Global limited

Information and Communication Technology Commendee and Large Services Winner: Aconex

Large Advanced Manufacturer Winner: ANCA

Large Advanced Manufacturer Commendee: REDFLEX Traffic Systems

Minerals and Energy Winner: Safescape

Exporter of the Year and Regional Exporter Winner: Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory Co. Ltd

Small Business Winner: Mobius Institute Pty Ltd

Export Award for Innovation Excellence and Small to Medium Manufacturer Winner: GP Graders (Victoria)

Small to Medium Manufacturer Commendee: C4i Pty Ltd

Small to Medium Services Winner: Phillip Island Nature Parks


Hy Gain Feeds is a family owned company dedicated to the production of high quality feeds and nutritional supplements for the domestic and international equine industry.

Established in 1983, the company’s diverse product range covers all thoroughbred racehorses and elite equestrian horses, to stud animals through to pleasure and pony club mounts. Hy Gain’s strategy of producing high quality products based on nutritional science and manufacturing innovation has placed it at the forefront of equine nutrition both in the Australian and international marketplace.

Today as the world’s resources and food stocks come under increasing pressure through environmental change and the impact of rising population, Hy Gain is leading the way with innovation through:

  • improving feed efficiency and nutritional outcomes that enable reduced feeding rates
  • the addition of natural bio additives to improve disease resistance and enhanced biological function
  • investing in new technologies that reduce the impact of stock feeds on the human food chain
  • an active waste reduction strategy to achieve total packaging recyclability; and
  • using dynamic manufacturing processes that reduce waste in materials, energy and water.

has over its 25-years history grown to be one of the world's leading professional accountancy organisations with more than 139,000 members in 114 countries.

CPA Australia’s commitment to integrity, excellence and innovative thinking means its members will be at the forefront of business around the globe for years to come. Employers understand that a strong, competent, ethical and independent accounting profession is as important to an economy's infrastructure as roads and ports.

The CPA Program, which is delivered globally through its distance learning model, is designed to enhance the professional competencies and the analytical, economical and critical thinking skills of accountants. Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China, New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Europe are key export markets for CPA Australia. International memberships now account for 26% of CPA’s total membership.

CPA Australia's investment in overseas markets facilitates mutually beneficial flows of ideas and knowledge. The emphasis is on competitiveness, productivity and value creation through education. CPA Australia will continue to consolidate, and where appropriate, expand activities in existing markets. CPA Australia is well positioned to increase the value of their export sales in 2012 and beyond.

Placard began in 1987 and now employs 168 staff at its Bayswater, Victoria headquarters. It produces more than 90 million cards per annum at its unique, high security Visa, MasterCard and Amex accredited card manufacturing and personalisation facility.

In addition to secure card manufacture, Placard provides products and services to Federal and State Governments both within Australia and overseas. In 2011, Placard undertook a highly successful implementation of New Zealand Driver Licence cards.

In recognition of Placard’s manufacturing excellence and its contribution to manufacturing in Victoria, Placard has been inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame. Placard’s vision is to deliver value to its customers through the development of strategic partnerships and commitment to continuous improvement.

As Australia’s only secure card manufacturer, Placard’s commitment to manufacturing in Australia is evidenced by a recent $16 million investments in new plant and equipment. This has laid the basis for the company’s export strategy.

CPT is a market leader in the provision of independent IT services. It provides client solutions that enhance the control, stability, efficiency and cost effectiveness of their computer systems. CPT’s core competencies are IT management consulting, IT governance, strategic planning, capacity planning, performance tuning and end-to-end testing.

With Australia representing only 1.7 per cent of the global IT capacity, CPT has chosen to export services to some clients who have more capacity than Australia as a whole. This strategy has led to the establishment of over ninety clients worldwide, many of them blue chip or Fortune 500 companies.

To service export markets CPT employs a blend of overseas and Australian consultants and works co-ooperatively with the Australian and Victorian Governments, alliance partners and various industry forums.

CPT has continued to expand overseas operations in the past 12 months to the Asian, South American and New Zealand markets. While current revenues generated from these ventures are minimal, a growing opportunity pipeline now exists in these new regions.
CPT’s key differentiators are vendor independence, specialized tools, processes and methodologies, global recognition of IT performance optimization and an ability to deliver tangible measurable benefits.

Aconex, over the past 12 years, has been recognised globally as an innovative leader in information technology. With 43 locations and $255 billion in client projects in 70 countries, Aconex has become an Australian export success story and a global leader in its market space.

In 2012, Aconex has secured impressive export growth and doubled the size of its Australian business during tough global economic conditions. Export sales increased nine per cent in the 2012 financial year and accounted for 43 per cent of total business revenue.

While many businesses have focused on rationalisation throughout this period, Aconex has made bold and sustained investment in operations, employees, innovation, research and marketing – both overseas and locally.

With a focus on developing market share in both immediate and long term growth industries and locations, Aconex is establishing a rapid, yet sustainable balanced growth portfolio. Net bookings growth of $4.08 million in the Americas and $3.56 million in Asia are testament to the effectiveness of Aconex’ export strategy.

By promoting the use of digital technologies over manual/paper processes, increasing direct employment opportunities and supporting local community initiatives, Aconex is growing its international presence in a socially responsible way.

ANCA was founded in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia where the company has its global headquarters. ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of CNC tool and cutter grinders. It exports 98 per cent of its products mainly to ANCA’s key markets in Germany, Japan, China and the United States. ANCA has offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Thailand, Brazil, India and USA and is supported by a global network of agents.

ANCA has achieved its success through a commitment to innovation and the ability to provide industry first features such as 3D simulation software and an integrated touch probe. ANCA designs and manufactures the complete product. This allows for total control of quality and flexibility with respect to customers' specific requirements.

ANCA is recognised for providing software and machines that are versatile, precise and user-friendly - machines that give customers the ability to easily design and manufacture a wide range of popular and specialty tools.

ANCA is continuing to experience high growth, both in sales and in employee numbers. The recently released MX5 tool grinder and ToolRoom 2012 software demonstrate ANCA's commitment to R&D. These products are already proving to be very popular overseas.

REDFLEX is a South Melbourne-based company that now has offices and operations across the world. The REDFLEX’ motto is “making a safer world” as company products have been proven to change driver behaviour and help save lives.

REDFLEX systems help to capture and process speed and red light violations, school zone violations, and monitor dangerous rail level-crossings, along with a number of other traffic management related solutions. As a world leader in the traffic management industry, the company specialises in end-to-end enforcement services, rather than just hardware or just software.

REDFLEX enjoyed local and international success with the world’s first digital speed camera in 1996. This continued with the world’s first average speed enforcement system in 2003, right through to 2011’s revolutionary non-intrusive dual radar red-light and speed enforcement system.

REDFLEX entered new markets in Malaysia and Canada in the 2011/2012 year. It also strengthened its presence in the Middle East, designed new innovative products that have been deployed in the USA and Middle East and made a significant contribution to the reduction of global road trauma statistics.

Safescape was proudly born and based in the Central Victorian township of Bendigo. Its initial export sale came within the first 16 months of the company’s operation. The $141,080 contract with Minas de Aguas in Tenidas, Spain confirmed inventor Steve Durkin’s belief that Laddertube had the potential to revolutionise global underground mining practices.

Steve launched Laddertube – a cost effective, light-weight, low-maintenance alternative to existing escapeway systems – in 2010. Two years later, this innovative product is capturing the imagination of industry experts in Papua New Guinea, Spain, Finland, Canada, North America and South America.

Laddertube took six years to design and develop and is unique within the mining sphere. The system significantly enhances the safety of underground personnel – both those installing escapeways, which are mandatory in all mines and anyone at risk of entrapment in the event of an emergency.

Manufactured in Australia by Safescape, Laddertube is a fully enclosed, durable polyethylene system. It replaces out dated timber or galvanised steel ladderways which are susceptible to water and salt degradation and expose users to water and falling rocks.

Warrnambool Cheese & Butter was established in 1888, making it the oldest dairy company in Australia. Headquartered in country Victoria, Warrnambool Cheese & Butter is a significant employer which has continued to invest and grow the business in regional Australia.

This year marks 100 years of exporting for the company. However it has been the last 12 years where exports have grown significantly to become a major part of the business - representing over half of the company’s revenue.

The milk supply has grown substantially by working closely with the farming community and investing in new plant capacity and new product development. The major investment has been a $75 million new factory using new Australian technology to turn waste by product into highly valued nutritional ingredients.

Investing in the milk powder plant last year ensured consistently production of high specification milk powder - ideal for use in the nutritions market. Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory has also developed new dairy blends for the Japanese and Korean markets by working closely with its subsidiary in Japan. And this year the company also launched its own retail export brands of fresh milk to China.

Mobius Institute offers training and certification in the unique field of vibration analysis and reliability improvement. Mobius was founded in 1999 and has concentrated on the export market since its inception. The company’s business focuses on computer based training products offered on-line and through a reseller network based in 30 countries. Mobius now has customers in 90 countries.

In 2005 Mobius began offering 'live' training (classroom style training in public venues and on-site at the customer's facility) and certification according to ISO standards. Mobius now has training centres in 50 countries which have trained almost 9,500 people from 126 countries in certification courses.

Having achieved ISO 9001 certification two years ago, the company’s certification scheme has recently been ISO/IEC accredited to 17024 (by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand). Company officials regularly travel the world to better understand international markets and continue to invest in marketing and product innovation to reinforce our strong market position.

Landrum & Brown (L&B) is an internationally recognised leader in aviation consulting, providing quality services to the commercial aviation community. Since its inception over ten years ago, L&B’s domestic and export revenue has grown steadily each year with profitability remaining strong. The export business has grown strongly in recent years with export earnings beyond Australia now exceeding 76 per cent of total revenue.

The export focus is generating repeat business through clients who have been identified as major players in the airport sector.

L&B’s export successes include breaking into new high growth markets in Indonesia, Eastern Europe and South America. L&B’s clients include Incheon Airport, South Korea – voted consistently over three years as the best airport in the world.

L&B gained significant foothold in Indonesia by leveraging a relationship with an existing client who is developing a second airport for Bali and new airport for Yogyakarta. Indonesia is fast becoming the new growth story in Asia with Jakarta recording the strongest world growth last year.

With strong relationships and trust now established in aviation circles, L&B is in the prime position to win further projects in Indonesia whose growth prospects rank second only to China in the Asia-Pacific.

GP Graders is an Australian manufacturing success story. The company reorientated itself from slow domestic growth to concentrate on export sales through the development of a competitive core product range.

Behind export sales growth from 5 per cent to 65 per cent over the past 10 years has been the development of a world’s best product that is revolutionising its market.
This was the result of a substantial investment in an R&D programme which combined customer feedback into continued product design. That led to a unique technology that is truly leading edge. Adoption of this technology has seen customer’s revenue increase by up to 25 per cent and their costs reduced by up to 35 per cent.

The company has now opened offices and an assembly plant in the USA recently to cope with demand and provide local service and support. This has meant that GP Graders’ sales prospects in all key markets look set to double over the following year to $30 million, growing to $40 million in the 2013/14 year. It is anticipated that this growth will be achieved without debt, undue business and financial risk and with a tried and tested execution strategy in sales and production.

C4i specialise in delivering inter-operable communications solutions to an extensive list of customers operating in mission critical environments. These customers include those in the local and international defence, homeland security, public safety, utilities, and transportation, mining, oil and gas industries.

Due to C4i products having a global application, it was a natural progression that C4i expand operations from South Melbourne, Australia and Reston Virginia, USA, to Asia and Middle East markets.

C4i have focused on exporting with the announcement of the opening of offices in Singapore in 2012. This gave C4i a better base to target Asia markets, creating a quick response ability to meet sales leads and link with the market first hand.

Marketing strategies have been directly targeted at international markets, with a focus on social media, tradeshows and gaining valuable editorial coverage. Marketing efforts have been tailored to each international market to increase lead generation for export markets.

Although revenues were down for this fiscal year, C4i has seen many successes with sales in new markets in the Asia region and improved performance from our USA subsidiary. As an SME, C4i has still managed cost to allow ongoing investment in our international business growth objectives.

Phillip Island Nature Parks, including the world-famous Penguin Parade, is Australia's most popular ecotourism attraction. It has had a long history in export markets for Victoria and Australia.

In 2011-12, Phillip Island Nature Park had a record year with 793,000 visitors – 52 per cent attributed to our growing export markets. In 2011-12, there was an increases of 40 per cent in visitors from China, 28 per cent from Malaysia and 32 per cent from Singapore. Market share in USA, UK and Europe was maintained. Major promotional campaigns in China, UK, Korea, SE Asia and India were initiated – in fact 54 per cent of the total earnings were from export markets.

The business works closely with key industry partners such as Visit Victoria, Tourism Australia, Melbourne Convention and Visitor Bureau, Australian Tourism Export Council and receives and analyses key market data.

Four staff members are dedicated to international marketing. Joint sales missions and roadshows to China, UK/Europe, USA, SE Asia, India, Korea and Japan have been undertaken as well as sales calls to China, India, Indonesia and SE Asia.
Phillip Island Nature Parks uses technology to communicate with visitors to enhance their experience. We are committed to the ongoing environmental and financial sustainability of our export markets.

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