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Forestry contractors and hirers

Improve your business skills and better understand your cost structures and contracts.

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The Owner Drivers and Forestry Contractors Act 2005 sets out requirements to assist harvesting and haulage contractors (forestry contractors) to improve their business skills and better understand their cost structures and their contractors.    

Practical assistance for forestry contractors

The Victorian Forestry Contractors Information Booklet (DOCX 159 KB)DOCX icon is a practical resource to assist forestry contractors to successfully operate a business. 

Understanding your business costs 

Get the seven cost schedule information sheets on the typical running costs of a harvesting or haulage business, including the equipment and vehicle operating costs (variable costs), and costs including registration, finance, administration, insurance and self funding of superannuation (fixed costs), here

Using written contracts 

It is a good idea to set out in writing the most important aspects of your arrangements. Certain engagements must be in writing and set out the rates to be paid to the forestry contractor, and the minimum period of notice of termination of the engagement, or payment in lieu of notice.

Negotiating agents - forestry contractors 

Forestry contractors and hirers can appoint a negotiating agent to negotiate contract conditions and rates on their behalf. The Forestry Industry Council has developed model instruments to appoint a negotiating agent for you to use.