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MyVictoria brings information to Victorians' fingertips

In an Australian first, Victorians can now get local data at their fingertips through a new easy to use interactive website.

The new MyVictoria website brings local information such as schools, housing and rent prices, demographics, average income, public transport, infrastructure projects and more into a single website.

Through MyVictoria residents can simply type in their postcode and have instant access to maps, graphs and charts of local information for whatever they need - whether it be moving homes, starting a new business, planning to build a new home or seeking to expand an existing business.

MyVictoria is a game changer for Victorians. It brings together 50 previously untapped sets of data that traditionally existed independently of one another into a single cohesive space so Victorian’s no longer have to search for the information they need.

In particular, small to medium businesses stand to benefit from this tool as it provides a free and easy to use source of information to support their next move. 

MyVictoria is a valuable tool for current or aspiring business owners to develop new solutions for the area. It is particularly suited to creating tools and solutions relating to improving recycling, well-being and helping business find where best to setup.

The Bureau of Communications Research states that the flow on effects of citizens having better access to government open data is estimated to have an economic benefit of $25 billion in Australia and  $6 billion in Victoria.

MyVictoria brings more data sources to the one location making it easier to gather insight from an single point of truth. Victorians can use MyVictoria to help their businesses grow.

To try out MyVictoria for yourself visit