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Find government quotes and tenders

Knowing where to look for tenders and what's on offer is crucial to success

On this page

  • Understand the difference between a quote and a tender
  • Find out where tenders and quotes are advertised

Quotes and tenders – what's the difference?

Quotes and tenders are written offers to supply a specified good or service.

As a general rule:

  • Request for Quote (RFQ) is used for the purchase of goods and services that are lower in risk and complexity
  • Request for Tender (RFT) is used for the purchase of goods and services that are high complexity and or risk, and/or that can be strategic in nature. RFTs can be either open, meaning released to the public, or closed, meaning released to a restricted number of suppliers.

Where are tenders and quotes advertised?

Look at existing Victorian Government Requests For Tenders on the Tenders VIC website.

Departments must use Tenders VIC to advertise their tenders, and agencies can do so if appropriate.

Other Victorian Government tender websites include:

  • VicRoads – tender and supply opportunities for future works and services
  • Health Purchasing Victoria – works collaboratively with Victoria's health sector to help ease cost pressures on health services through strategic procurement
  • Construction Supplier Register (CSR) – a pre-qualification scheme for building and construction industry consultants and contractors
  • eServices register – open to suppliers who are able provide the goods and services relating to a broad range of IT services and related products

Use these websites to look for local government tenders and contacts:

AusTender has the current list of Australian federal government tenders.