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Use email marketing

Boost trust and win sales by communicating directly to your customers

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  • How to promote ongoing relationships with your customers
  • Email marketing best practice tips


The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for enforcing the Spam Act 2003, which prohibits the sending of 'unsolicited commercial electronic messages' (known as spam) with an 'Australian link'. 

Make sure your email marketing is compliant and learn more about the Spam Act 2003.

Boost relationships and build trust with your customers

Email newsletters promote long and ongoing relationships with existing customers by keeping your business in front of your customer base. Email marketing also enables you to cost-effectively communicate with your customers in a way that's immediate and relevant.

With the right content you can deepen your relationship with your customers through:

  • effective subject line writing – getting your messages opened
  • your distinctive voice – getting your messages read
  • delivering quality content your customers can share with others – by word-of-mouth.

Best practice

A general rule is to keep your design and copy minimal.

You should also: 

  • make sure you get permission – for example, offer opt-in subscription at your shop
  • match your email to your brand – include your company logo and colours
  • integrate a link to the web version of your newsletter that's somewhere easy to see.


Ensure that your user's experience is a good one by: 

  • keeping the design clean and simple
  • designing the email template so it's readable for mobile users
  • optimising your layout for the email preview panel.


When writing the editorial copy you should:

  • use short sentences and make your call to action clear, avoiding passive words
  • build a relationship – ensure you write for people, not for robots 
  • try to ask questions and encourage a response.

It's worth scheduling your content in a content plan so you're thinking ahead about what your subscribers would like to read.