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Bring Your Own Device policy and I.T. procedures

Put I.T. policies in place to keep your business productive

On this page

  • Why an I.T. policy and procedure manual is useful to small businesses 
  • What you should include in the manual
  • Use our template to create Bring Your Own Device, security and electronic transaction policies

Every business that uses computers, email, the internet and software on a daily basis should have information technology (I.T.) policies in place.

How do I write policies and procedures?

Use our manual template below to write your policies.

I.T. policies and procedures manual (DOCX 113.69 KB)DOCX icon

The template includes:

  • a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy to make sure your staff are productive at all times and places
  • a security policy to make sure all your devices are password protected and backed up
  • an electronic transactions policy to make sure any eCommerce you have is kept safe
  • an emergency management policy to make sure you have systems in place for when things go wrong.

If you're looking for a social media policy, you should also look at our human resources manual template.

Why use a policy and procedure manual?

The main benefits to having an information technology policy and procedure manual are:

  • it ensures all staff are aware of obligations in relation to selection, use and safety when utilising information technology within the business
  • it's a proven way to help your managers and supervisors make consistent and reliable decisions
  • it helps give each employee a clear understanding as to what you expect and allow.

It takes a little effort to complete, but brings definite long-term benefits, reduces disputes, and adds to the professionalism of your business.