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Cut business costs

Cut business costs

Trusted sources to help you assess usage and save

.Calculators, resources and business budgeting guides that will help you with cost control. These tools will help your business save money by understanding your electricity, gas and water usage and finding the best provider for you. There are also great resources for checking appliances and measuring waste that will help with cost reduction.

Sustainability Resource Directory - Cutting business costs


Recycling near you

Provided by Federal Government Reading Time: Short

Small businesses can use this tool to find recycling information for almost any product. Know what services your council offers and check drop off options so you don't waste time.

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Case study: Good Guys Bendigo

Provided by Sustainability Victoria Reading Time: Short

Good Guys Bendigo was successful in receiving a Smarter Resources, Smarter Business capital funding grant, reducing it's energy usage by 30% representing a saving for the period of $15,000.

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CitySwitch case studies

Provided by CitySwitch Green Office Reading Time: Short

A great range of case studies demonstrating successful sustainability outcomes for office-based businesses through staff engagement, lighting and equipment upgrades, sustainable fitouts, renewable energy and more.

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Water Compare National Benchmarking

Provided by Water Compare Completion Time: Short

Understand and evaluate your own water consumption and compare across other similar companies in your industry. this will tell you where improvements are necessary. You will need to know details about your business such as industry and usage in Kilo Litres (KL).

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Sustainability Gippsland

Provided by Victorian Government Reading Time: Short

This is a networking site for businesses interested in environmentally sustainable practices. Create groups and chat with other businesses. You can see related events near you and get a great list of suppliers registered on the site.

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