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Employing staff Infographic

Save money and time by hiring the right staff.

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  • Find staff that represent your business and brand
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When you might need staff

Many businesses have too much to do and not enough time. Planning for staff should be integrated with the other requirements of your business.

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Being a good manager saves you money

Staff turnover costs businesses $100 billion/year in lost productivity, training and recruitment costs. "Highly engaged staff are more profitable staff". Training should be seen as an investment.

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Find staff that represent your business and brand

"I only had one appointment that didn't work and that was because I was unrealistic about what I needed and didn't get someone with the right skills".

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Get help with red tape

The legislation related to hiring your first employee can be daunting but it's clear that the benefits can be huge if it's done right.

Businesses exit rates are considerably lower for successfully employing business:

  • 19.5 percent for zero employees
  • 10.7 percent for 1-4 employees

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There's no need to be nervous about fixing staff problems

Make sure you record conversations and have dismissal procedures in place just in case. Have a meeting and talk clearly through any issues.

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Get help or learn a new skill