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Make your business OHS ready

Manage health and safety with a minimum of red tape

On this page

  • Help to make your workplace safe
  • Understand your insurance obligations as a business owner
  • Meet your return to work obligations

Make your workplace safe and prevent injury 

Do your own inspection

Use the WorkSafe step-by-step guide we've provided below to help you:

  • find the hazard
  • assess the risk 
  • fix the problem.

Step-by-step: do your own inspection

Get a free safety consultation

The Victorian WorkCover Authority will organise an independent health and safety consultant to come to your workplace, help identify safety issues relevant to your business and provide useful advice on how to go about addressing the issues.

Free consultation application form

Insurance obligations and contractors

Visit WorkSafe Victoria to learn about your Victorian WorkCover Authority insurance obligations, what insurance you need and take out a WorkSafe insurance policy.

Read the contractors and workers page on the WorkCover Authority website to assess whether or not a contractor you engage may be considered for WorkSafe insurance purposes.

Return to work obligations for small business

Find out everything you need to know about your return to work obligations.