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Finance fundamentals: How to keep cash flowing


As a response to COVID-19 this Business Victoria workshop will not be delivered face to face but rather by Zoom online delivery. It is also free of charge. Cash flow is the life blood of every small business. Not enough cash flow and things start to go wrong. Without it, no business can survive. If you’re spending more time juggling cash than running your business, making a profit but still struggling to pay the bills, then this essential small business workshop will ensure you’re never caught short again. PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is specifically tailored for Victorian businesses.


Even a profitable business can have issues with cash flow. In fact, running out of money is a sure way for a profitable business to fail. Don't let that happen to you! Learn to identify what’s driving your own cash flow and what you can do to keep cash pumping into the parts of your business that need it most. Get on top of the fundamentals, including the difference between profit and cash, the role of marketing and how the working capital cycle can impact your business. Learn how to manage stock, suppliers and debtors and how to prepare a cash flow forecast so you can avoid a crisis before it hits. This workshop is delivered by a small business financial expert and is packed with practical tips and techniques you can apply straight away. Ensure the life blood of your business never stops pumping at this essential Small Business Victoria workshop, one of many that have helped businesses in Victoria get started for more than 10 years. Learn how to: • Tell the difference between profit and cash • Understand the working capital cycle • Improve customer collections • Manage stock • Manage suppliers • Manage debtors • Avoid a cash flow crisis • Prepare a cash flow forecast • Access tools, templates, support and resources in future. PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is only available for Victorian small businesses and residents.

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