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Image consent terms and conditions

Ensure you understand how your image could be used.

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  • Read the full terms and conditions for image usage

This form details an agreement between you and the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (‘the Department’).

The Department would like to be able to use materials including your photograph or video image (Image) or where relevant any statements, quotes, testimonials, or written work (Recorded Materials) so as to promote a range of State Government initiatives.

The Image may be stored in the Department’s image library. The use of your Image or Recorded Material may include, but is not limited to its reproduction in electronic and print promotional material and/or on Department websites and in media.

The Department will not use your words and/or Image for any purpose other than the general promotion of State Government initiatives.

By checking the box you agree to the following:
1. The Images or Recorded Material are the property of the Department.
2. The Department is able to use the Images or Recorded Material as many times and in as many ways as it chooses.
3. The Images or Recorded Material may be used without my acknowledgement and without entitlement to any remuneration or compensation now or in the future.
4. I will not be consulted further about the specific context in which the Images or Recorded Material appear now or in the future and these may be altered, distorted or blurred for design purposes.
5. I understand that if I wish to withdraw or restrict this consent, it will be my responsibility to inform the Communications Branch, Department of State Development Business and Innovation, by telephone on (03) 9651 9409.

Your agreement to permit the use of your Images or Recorded Material is greatly appreciated.