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Business Victoria Local Events

A fresh approach to supporting Victoria’s business community

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  • Announcement about the Small Business Festival
  • Introduction to the Business Victoria Local Events program

Announcement about Small Business Festival

The Small Business Festival is transitioning into a new program to bring Victorians business learning and networking opportunities throughout the year.

The Festival has helped hundreds of thousands of people with the support that they need to grow and thrive in the last thirteen years.

Every year, we get feedback from thousands of participants and partners, helping us innovate to keep up with Victorian businesses’ evolving needs and demands. We know that small businesses want flexibility to learn and grow, and more opportunities to connect with their local business community, not just in the month of August.

And so, it is time to say goodbye to the Small Business Festival. Our new events program, Business Victoria Local Events, is a fresh approach to supporting Victoria’s business community.

You can find the Business Victoria Local Events program here

Small Business Festival thanks all our sponsors, partners, passionate hosts and organisers for all your hard work in making the Festival possible each year. We would not have been able to realise such an ambitious undertaking without you.

Thank you for loving the Small Business Festival as much as we have loved putting it on. We hope you’ll enjoy our new year-round events series.

For more information, please contact us or call 13 22 15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the Small Business Festival not returning in 2019?
A: We are transitioning from having a month-long Festival that runs in August, to a year-round program of events. Instead of a state-wide Small Business Festival, there will be localised events programs across Victoria.

Q: Will my favourite event be returning even if there is no Festival? (i.e. networking breakfast, seminar, awards night, etc)
A: Most of Small Business Festival’s long-running events were organised by private event hosts who may choose to run their events again. Please contact the respective event host organisations to enquire.

Q: Will private event hosts still have the opportunity to submit events to run under the new program?
A: Yes and no. Small Business Victoria is no longer curating a month-long Festival events program. Instead, each localised events program will run our regional and local government partners, and related organisations. Each regional or local government partner will determine how their program can best service their area, and many will still provide opportunities for private hosts to run events. More information about councils and organisations accepting applications will be provided on our website soon.

Q: Where will I be able to view and book business events from this new program?
A: Over the coming months, a new website will be launched with listings of upcoming events in your area. Until then, you can still book our affordable Small Business Workshops, or free mentoring sessions on the Small Business Bus. You can also check your council’s website for available business events in your area.

Introduction to Business Victoria Local Events program

Business Victoria Local Events (“Local Events”) is the Victorian Government’s new year-round events program. Planning for this program started in 2018, with events planned until 30 June 2020.

Business Victoria Local Events is replacing the government’s long-running Small Business Festival that is normally held in August.

As part of this new program, Business Victoria will partner with metropolitan and regional local governments in Victoria to develop and deliver engaging and helpful business learning, networking and upskilling events to Victoria’s small businesses.

It will also feature marquee events for targeted audiences such as inclusive events for Aboriginal, youth, senior, people facing disabilities, female business leaders, and multi-cultural communities.

A new events listing website incorporates hundreds of localised business events across Victoria, covering many topics of interest to help small businesses learn, grow and connect.

You can find the Business Victoria Local Events website here

For more information, please contact us or call 13 22 15.

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