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Business Consultation Database

Your feedback can inform Victorian Government decision making.

On this page

  • Why your views matter
  • What kinds of consultations can you be involved in
  • Find out how you can participate

About the Business Consultation Database

The Business Consultation Database (BCD) gives Victorian small businesses an opportunity to tell government agencies how a proposed regulation might impact their business operations and industry. 

Join the Business Consultation Database

Why your views matter

Resource-poor small businesses often find it difficult and costly to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Businesses might not have access to relevant areas of government that makes the decisions that ultimately affect them. The BCD is established to bridge these gaps.

By signing up for the BCD, participating Victorian businesses can:

  • give direct feedback to the Government during a consultation process, where their views can shape regulations that can impact their livelihood or industry
  • participate directly in the process, even though they may not be represented by an industry body
  • enjoy the convenience of participating and shaping policy, without going through a formal submission
Victorian Government agencies will invite businesses to give their feedback on relevant upcoming consultation projects. Participants may be invited to answer a short survey or join focus groups facilitated by research firms.

The benefits of public consultation

Early consultation with businesses while developing or amending regulations helps the Government to: 

  • ensure the regulation is understood by potentially impacted businesses
  • take in the concerns of potentially impacted businesses and make informed decisions on how regulations could be shaped
  • deepen engagement between regulators and businesses to facilitate compliance with regulation

What kinds of consultations can businesses be involved in? 

Victorian businesses registered on the BCD can be called upon to participate in consultations as varied as:

  • Long Service Leave legislation
  • Retail Lease Regulations

Regulatory changes that have benefited from public consultation

Review of Long Service Leave

In 2009, Workforce Victoria used the BCD as part of its legislative review on Long Service Leave. Small businesses that were consulted are now able to better comply with and have broader knowledge of the Long Service Leave entitlements of their staff,and helped with the development of the Long Service Leave calculator.

Review of the Retail Leases Regulations 2003

In 2012, the BCD was used by Small Business Victoria as part of stakeholder consultation to inform the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) process to review the Retail Leases Regulations 2003.

Online surveys were prepared for landlords and tenants to seek feedback on the effectiveness of the disclosure statement contained in the regulations. By understanding the barriers experienced by both landlords and tenant, the regulations that took effect on 22 April 2013 now enable business operators to access four different forms of disclosure statement instead of one generic form thereby offering landlords more certainty in their regulatory compliance.