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Small Business Victoria Workshops

Improve your skills to start, run and grow your business.

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Discover the secrets to business growth

Low cost, practical and held at locations near you in both metro and regional Victoria, Small Business Victoria workshops are run by experts in their field. Places are limited so bookings for these events must be made in advance through the Workshops and Events Calendar. The workshops cover a range of business topics and some offer a free mentoring session to all participants.

Start Your Business

Starting Your Business Right

Are you thinking of starting a business but not sure where to begin?

This Small Business Victoria workshop will step you through the process, help you get set up right the first time and connect you to a range of government resources and free mentoring.

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Starting Your Business in Victoria

Are you an migrant, refugee asylum seeker, or other new arrival in Victoria, and want to start a small business? This Small Business Victoria workshop is specially tailored for migrants, refugees or asylum seekers and will step you through the process, help you get set up your business right, and connect you to a range of government resources and free mentoring.

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Business Planning Essentials

A clear business plan is an essential determiner of long-term business success. Get the tools, templates and support you need to guide you through the key steps in the planning process and give your business the best chance of success.

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Investing in a Franchise

Thinking of investing in a franchise?

This workshop will help you to develop a clear vision of your ideal franchise opportunity. Understand the franchise business model and decide whether it’s the right opportunity for you.

This workshop is delivered depending on demand. Email the Small Business Victoria Workshops team at to enquire about availability.

Master Business Basics

Effective Business Networking

Almost 90% of business today is generated by networking. This makes networking an essential practice for businesses success. In this short 2-hour workshop you will learn proven, effective networking techniques, build your confidence and start connecting with other small business people in your area.

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Improve Your Time Management

Are you a small business owner struggling to find enough time in your day? In this short two-hour workshop you will learn simple and effective business systems and processes that can improve your productivity and get your business organised. Take control of your day so you can get on with the most important thing –growing your business.

This workshop is delivered depending on demand. Email the Small Business Victoria Workshops team at to enquire about availability.

Build Your Business Advantage

Many successful business operators have built a sustainable competitive advantage by putting in place good systems and processes. Learn simple practices that can improve customer service, staff engagement, productivity and your overall business performance.

This workshop is delivered depending on demand. Email the Small Business Victoria Workshops team at to enquire about availability.

Build Your Digital Skills

Your Business in a Digital World

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed or nervous about taking your business online?
Whether starting a new business or taking an existing business online, this short workshop will give you the basic skills to help you make informed decisions about the right online tools for your business.

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Advanced Digital Strategies For Your Business

Build on your basic skills and learn how to develop a strategy to help grow your business through your online activities and make your products and services easy for potential customers to find. This small, interactive workshop will demystify the digital world and help bring focus and clarity to your online marketing activities.

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Become More Innovative

Commercialising Your New Idea

Are you ready to take your new idea to the marketplace? Start here!

Over two inspiring workshops an experienced innovation and commercialisation expert will help you assess the feasibility of your idea, determine its business potential and help you develop a clear commercialisation strategy to help you get to market. Includes two free mentoring sessions.

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Save Money and Get Greener

Reducing your utility consumption is a win for the environment and for your bottom line.

Bring your bills along to this short workshop and in just two hours walk away with a practical, achievable action plan to improve your bottom line. Then proudly use your green credentials to build your business reputation.

This workshop is delivered depending on demand. Email the Small Business Victoria Workshops team at to enquire about availability.

Grow Your Business

These workshops are for established business owners looking to grow.

Employing and Keeping the Right Staff

It is often said that in business "our people are our greatest asset" but  it can be challenging for small businesses to make that come true and ensure you also meet your obligations as an employer. Find the answers to all of your questions about employing people at this interactive workshop and learn about how to find, select and retain the right people. You will also hear about how to properly deal with the many legal requirements that go with being an employer.

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Build Your Business Resilience

Making sound business decisions during a crisis or any other business disruption is very difficult, so planning ahead is essential. Understand the various different types of disaster (natural, human or health) and improve the continuity and resilience of your business in this practical, focused workshop. A follow-up free mentoring session will help you to put your individual plan in place.

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Business Planning for Growth

If you have had a basic business plan and are ready for something more, this workshop may be for you. This intensive two-day program will help you to put the right strategy in place to Identify new growth opportunities and plan changes you need to move confidently into the next phase of your business. Supplemented with five hours of one-on-one support from an experienced small business mentor, you will learn how to implement your plan to drive your business growth.

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Find More Customers

Marketing Your Business

Marketing is not just about getting new customers, it is a vital part of building and establishing your business brand. If you are just starting out in business, or want to learn the basics of marketing to help potential and existing customers to know what your business does, this workshop may be for you. Develop a marketing action plan to focus your effort and resources in the right areas, including market research, online activities and customer service.

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Advanced Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Already know about Marketing and now want to grow your business with new products, services, or markets? Learn how to refine your existing marketing strategy to expand your business opportunities. This hands-on workshop will enable you to build a deeper understanding of your customers and focus your marketing strategy to grow your business.

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Winning Government Business

Have you identified government as a customer but feel daunted by the procurement processes? Don’t give up on opportunities in this significant sector. Developed by government itself, this workshop will help you make sense of the processes and protocols you need to know to help position your business up to win government contracts.

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Achieving Financial Success

Effective Record Keeping for Small Business

How easily can you access ‘at a glance’ information about your business to reliably inform important decisions? Good record keeping impacts both your business growth and your bottom line.  Unlock the benefits of effective record keeping, control systems and financial solutions to optimise your business profitability and performance.

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Pricing for Maximum Profit

There is a reason Pricing is one of the important P’s in the marketing mix. Take the guess work out of your pricing strategy and in just two hours learn how to find the right approach to increase market share and profit.

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Keep the Cash Flowing

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business because it allows you to pay your bills and be free of financial stress. Avoid running out of cash in your business by learning how to effectively forecast and improve your cash flow, and never get left short again.

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Financial Health Check

Having a clear picture of how your business is performing financially is as vital as it is simple.

Knowing where to look and what to look for is easy when you know how. Learn to track your business finances and use the information to improve performance and viability – and you don’t need to be an accountant!

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Setting Your Financial Strategy

Do you know the difference between a budget and a forecast?

A good financial strategy is more than just income and expenses. Learn how easy it is to take control and develop a financial strategy that improves how your business runs.

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Getting Paid in the Building and Construction Industry

Are you a small to medium construction business owner struggling to manage your financial record keeping systems or experiencing long delays in payments? This tailored 2-hour workshop is designed to help you understand the Security of Payments Act to help improve payment collection times as well as implement simple improvements to your business systems and financial records to better support claims.

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Successfully Exiting Your Business

Successfully exiting your business takes as much planning as getting started. Sometimes your exit is part of a succession plan, or it could be a sale. This workshop helps you to develop a plan to guide your big decisions, maximise the value of your business and put you in control of how and when you move on.

This workshop is delivered depending on demand. Email the Small Business Victoria Workshops team at to enquire about availability.

Case Study: Cooking up the perfect work life balance

'I've attended every Small Business Victoria workshop and seminar hosted by Macedon Ranges Shire Council and have had an 'oh my gosh' moment every time! There's always something I can apply directly to my business.'
Rosemary Cimino, Spotted Dog Fudge

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