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5 ways to reach your niche audience

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5 ways to reach your niche audience


1. Understand your niche

Alex not only understands the niche that her audience occupies- she lives and breathes it.

“I am that lady you see around town all frocked up with my 1950s style dresses, the big fluffy pettiskirt, and the fancy pin curled hair. I often get asked if I am in a play or have been in some type of performance.”


2. Develop your audience organically

Alex’s blog has been key to the development of her business, and her audience have been on the journey with her. Her blog was originally inspired by her love of the 50s and was devoted to retro styling- and the odd cocktail recipe. When she began to make her own brooches and blog about them, she quickly found that people were keen to buy them.

Now her blog is a fantastic testing ground for new products, and she seeks feedback directly from her audience.

“I post about the latest brooch or any issues I may be having with a brooch which gets people clicking through to my store site.”


3. Make shopping online easy

“My range isn’t large enough to consider a bricks and mortar store, so launching my own online store meant that I could upload new stock as it was created and sell my product to anyone anywhere in the world, at any time.”

Alex used Shopify to create her online store, and now sends her brooches to fellow retro fanatics all over the world.

“I had my first sale within 10 minutes and that order was shipped to Western Australia. It really was exciting sending my brooches to the other side of the country and then seeing the receiver post pictures of them on Instagram.”


4. Be smart with social media

Alex noticed through Instagram comments from people located in the US and UK that interest in her products was growing internationally. Alex began to target the wider online 50s community through Facebook, Instagram, and her blogging community.

On Instagram Alex uses hashtags, so that new fans can find her through targeted searches.

“Hashtags mean that people who are interested in brooches see mine in their feed. When they do a search, visit my picture and like it, they can check out my Instagram and choose to follow me.”


5. Stay connected to your crowd

Despite her success as an online seller, Alex still relishes the chance to sell at markets and really connect with her audience. She uses her website and social media to let people know where she’ll be selling next.

“Markets get my brand and brooches out there to people who live and breathe the ‘olden days’. They drive the old cars, wear the old clothes, and like the old music. With a stall set up at an event, I can meet the buyers and sell direct to the retro ‘cool cats.’”


Alexandria Mees

Founder of Martinis and Slippers
Business owner and mother in Melbourne with a serious passion for vintage 50s style.