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5 tips for improving your online listing and lure in more customers

Plan your business with these key tips

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5 tips for improving your online listing and lure in more customers

Simple steps for getting your business in front of millions of potential customers

An online listing showing off your business profile can be a very useful way of showcasing your business name, address and phone number and can be completed by filling out a 1-minute form.

While a website is a great foundation for making your online visitors happy, it’s useful to extend your reach to as many places as you can. Many Aussie’s tend to use Yellow Pages to find local businesses in their area.

By getting your details out there, those potential customers interested in your services and products will be far more likely to find you when looking to buy.

Once you complete your free listing, ensure you’ve ticked off the following five tips to improve your online directory listing as much as possible:


1. Identify your business goals

What are you looking to achieve from a listing? Are you looking to establish a greater online presence, target more customers or communicate a specific kind of message?

PRO-TIP: Build trust by uploading as much information as possible – if you’re a takeaway store there’s no reason why you shouldn’t show your menu, or if you’re a restaurant include a menu with calorie and nutritional information so customers can feel confident visiting you.


2. Engage visitors with aesthetically pleasing images and video

Treat the listing as you would your website, or the interior of your business. Just as you would ensure your website design is professional and pleasant, use beautiful images and interesting video content to translate your brand and key messages online.

PRO-TIP: You have the option of standing out from the pack with different options that can customise your listing to appear everywhere your business operates or offers extra content entitlements to boost your advertising with images, video and web links.


3. Keep it succinct

Take an objective look at your listing. Are customers able to easily see your contact information? Include details such as your website, your location, hours of operation and a short description about your business.

PRO-TIP: Track your performance by using Sensis’ monthly reports that monitor the performance of your advertisements. Find out our different advertising features from the experts.  


4. Include relevant keywords

Improve how you appear in searches by using those keywords specific to what your customer is searching for. If you are a hair salon in Melbourne, use keywords such as Melbourne hair salon or hairdresser in the ad description.   

PRO-TIP: The Foundation ensures your business listing is featured across the entire digital network, allows you to list the essentials of your business as well as add key search terms to your listing to make it easier to be found by customers.


5. Get noticed online

As well as your Yellow Pages listing, Sensis get you noticed across a range of maps, search engines and specialty sites in their digital network.

PRO-TIP:  The Professional Plus ensures your business stands out in the crowded online space. In addition to all the location features and maximum content entitlements, experts customise your advertising with your very own brand colours and imagery.