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Decoding Digital 2015 week two

Getting strategic with digital

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  • Read an outline of the session
  • Develop a web brief
  • Watch the webinar 

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Design and Implementation

Business Victoria is proud to present:

Designing and implementing a website

In week two of Decoding Digital we will look at developing a web brief for our case study business Ozcrafters and the key things to consider for designing and implementing a website. 

View the Ozcrafters website 


The Decision Matrix is a simple but powerful decision making tool. It can be particularly useful when deciding on what CMS platform to use for your website.

The Decision Matrix

Use this sample website brief when meeting with potential developers.  

Sample Website Brief 

Week Two Webinar

Watch the webinar from week two

Read the transcript 

Week Two Webinar slides

View the slides from session two 

Hangout and chat about week two

Read the transcript.