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Administrative and Support Services sector guidance

Sector guidance for Administration and Support Services business within metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

See below for up to date operational guidance and frequently asked questions for this sector.

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Frequently asked questions — metropolitan Melbourne

Updated on: 14 September 2020

Read below for commonly asked questions by businesses within the Administrative and Support services. The following frequently asked questions apply to metropolitan Melbourne only, which is currently at Step One of Victoria’s roadmap for reopening.

Yes. Travel agencies and tour arrangements services, office administration services (including bookkeeping) and documentation preparation services must close under the restrictions.

Building and grounds maintenance, cleaning, pest control and packaging services are permitted to operate where providing support to a permitted industry or where required to maintain the health and safety of Victorians at home or at work.

Employment services may operate onsite if they cannot be delivered online.

Electorate offices may have up to two staff plus the Member of Parliament onsite to ensure minimal functioning of the electorate office.

Letter box drops are not allowed in relation to council elections, marketing or public works notices, on the principle that the movement of people should be reduced. However, where public information is critical to the health and safety of the house to whom the material is being provided (e.g. if there is to be an essential services outage), then letter box drops may proceed.

No, you cannot work onsite.

You can collect essential equipment or supplies if they are necessary for working from home. A worker may also access the premises for carrying out emergency maintenance of necessary infrastructure, such as IT servers.

Only the worker required for the activity must attend and they must have a valid permit for the time required to complete the task. They cannot stay and work from the workplace. Physical mail should no longer be sent or received. If it is unavoidable, it should be diverted to workers’ homes or to a post office box.

For example, a business may have a document logistics room that opens mail and scans documents directly related to their products or services. Workers cannot work in the mailroom but could collect the equipment to allow them to continue working from home.

No. You cannot attend work onsite if you are not a permitted worker working in a permitted industry. Please see the DHHS website for further details.

Yes. Essential maintenance for the health and safety of Victorians at work (including at commercial properties) is permitted.

Only call centres providing critical services, such as supporting the pandemic effort or public order, are allowed to remain open. Anyone required to work on site as part of a permitted activity must issue a worker permit.

Other call centre workers must work from home, along with any staff that are able to work from home.

Multi-unit dwellings and apartment towers can maintain the minimum number of employees required to undertake essential security, fire compliance and other essential building services including cleaning and disinfection.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) business support and the Industry Coordination Centre

The Business Victoria website and hotline provide information on restrictions and support to help your workplace plan and respond to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Call Business Victoria on 13 22 15.