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I'm in manufacturing and would like to support the COVID-19 response

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Local Manufacturing of Medical Supplies and PPE

The Victorian Government is calling on local manufacturers of medical equipment and personal and protective equipment (PPE) to help meet increasing demand for these critical supplies due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

To help easily identify local manufacturing capacity and capability in the production of PPE and medical equipment a Manufacturing Suppliers Portal has been created by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

Register here

COVID-19 Manufacturer Response

‚ÄčThe COVID-19 Manufacturer response register has been devised to capture expressions of interest from Australian based manufacturers and individuals looking to assist with supply of goods, services or knowledge in tackling the current COVID-19 outbreak in Australia. As the situation develops, there may be a need for the goods you manufacture, the supplies you hold or the skills you have to be called upon.

Learn more about COVID-19 Manufacturer Response

Industry Capability Network (ICN) COVID-19 response

ICN has established a portal as a forum for managing supply chain shortages due to COVID-19, including identifying gaps in the supply chain and how we can facilitate local businesses that can help fill these gaps.

Visit the ICN portal

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