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The freedom of choice

Having a small business in a community gives you a great opportunity to see what's really going on. If your community is touched by something, and you can, you should do something about it.
Beckie White, Miss Velvet, Frankston

About the business

Miss Velvet is a boutique that empowers its clients through styling, mentoring, networking and events.

Opened by owner Beckie White four years ago, the small business supports its community in a range of ways.

This year, their annual charity fundraising event attracted more than 230 people, raising more than $40,000 for three organisations - the Luke Batty Foundation, First Seeds Foundation and 2BMe Foundation.  All of these support women and children at the grass roots of Australia.

Beckie has always had a deep seated sense of community.  In her business life, she has supported local organisations that align with her personal values of commitment and contribution.

"I love my customers and also have the freedom to choose how my business may best support causes," she says.  "We live and work in Frankston, and if we can help people who are doing it tough on their journey, it means we are really going the full circle."

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