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Social conscience cafe

Running my own business gives me the opportunity to make choices that have an impact and make a difference. It brings all of my professional skills and my personal convictions together.
Leanne Thompson, The Final Step, South Yarra

About the business

The Final Step is a funky cafe in South Yarra with the simple aim of providing the best quality coffee possible, in a warm and welcoming environment.

As well as that goal, the business' directors, Ben Whitaker, Jason Williams and Leanne Thompson, also want the cafe to have a social conscience.

Final Step use their profits to fund a program they developed to feed underprivileged children in Buenos Aires, Argentina, known as Food for Thought.

There are now staff and volunteers on the ground in Buenos Aries, showing local kids how to grow and prepare food, and eat healthily.

'We're seeing terrific results in the communities we work with,' says Leanne.

'We are all experienced business people, so the opportunity to combine a small business here at home and leverage that to help people in desperate need is very satisfying.  For us, it really is the best of both worlds.'

Learn how to train and develop staff