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Empower consumers with smart design

'PowerVu is now commercially available to all Victorians through one of Australia's largest electricity retailers.'
Joe Losinno, Percepscion

Top tips

  • Bring a great idea to market effectively with a smart technology partner
  • Develop with technology that lets you build more solutions on the same platform
  • Build success into the product by understanding what your customer needs

Smart Sensors Project

For a transcript of this video, please view it on Youtube.  

For a transcript of this video, please view it on Youtube.

The opportunity

Smart meters are being rolled out in Victoria. They allow billing and usage information to be sent directly to energy distributors and enable users to move house or change provider with ease. Lower staffing and administration costs also create savings that can be passed onto consumers, who are assured of a more accurate reading.

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) were interested in maximising the potential benefits of the smart meter network, and applied through the Market Validation Program to find a partner who could develop and commercialise new technology and services to do just that.

The solution

Percepscion has created a suite of products to deliver these benefits to consumers and the utility industry at large.

Providing consumers with an improved understanding of their energy use promotes better energy management and consumption. Percepscion’s products include the home energy monitor PowerVu and LiveVu, each allowing measurement of the power usage of individual appliances in the home.

Joe Losinno, Principal at DiUS Computing and CEO at Percepscion explains the benefits of their products, 'PowerVu is a fridge magnet, located in the highest traffic area of the home, and uses the smart meter network to deliver information on energy use – easily, conveniently and in real-time.'

'More importantly it provides household energy cost information without waiting for your energy bill. PowerVu is now commercially available to all Victorians through one of Australia's largest electricity retailers.'

Alongside PowerVu, LiveVu allows consumers to compare actual energy use against different electricity tariffs, and analyses the energy consumption of individual appliances.

Information and design, combined

Mark Anderson, Percepscion Chief Technology Officer says, 'The innovation in PowerVu lies not only in the way it presents the information to consumers, but also in the design that underpins this, such as the technology behind an extended battery life.

PowerVu was very popular during our consumer trials and has led to our first commercial order from one of Australia’s largest energy retailers.'

Percepsion has also developed a range of other products from the same platform, such as the ChargeIQ intelligent electric vehicle charging system.

This project was funded under the Victorian Government's Market Validation Program (MVP). The new Driving Business Innovation program builds on the MVP.

The result

Through the Market Validation Program Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) found smart technology company Percepscion, and collaborated to develop and commercialise smart meters for Victorian households. The product is now available commercially and has been taken up by one of Australia’s largest energy retailers.