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Remain open to learning

The workshops and associated mentoring sessions have completely altered my approach to business.
Karen Foster, o2 Media

Top tips

  • Value your staff members
  • Remain open to learning
  • Remember the passion that drove you to start your business

About the business

Seven years ago, Karen Foster started her life as a freelance journalist from a desk in the corner of her bedroom.

Since then her business, o2Media, has grown significantly.  She's moved to an office, expanded her service offering to include all manner of media and communications consultancy, now employs eight people and works for clients all over Victoria.

Remain open to learning

Karen says her focus has been on creating a dynamic workplace culture in which each team member is genuinely valued and nurtured.

'I always wanted to create the kind of working environment which closely involved staff, was vibrant and sustainable,' she adds.

Karen has always been open to learning. Through the Small Business Mentoring Service, Karen was involved in the Women in Business Workshop Series.

Attend workshops and seminars

'I have to say, the workshops and associated mentoring sessions have completely altered my approach to business. They've helped to consolidate my experiences as a business operator and introduced me to some terrific business women,' she says.

'But perhaps, most importantly, I have been completely reinvigorated and re-energised. I have rediscovered the passion which drove me to start my own business in the first place.'

About Small Business Workshops and Seminars

Small Business Victoria's Workshops and Seminars offer local and low cost information sessions that are designed to provide sustainable skills for small business operators and those wishing to start a business.

Offered across Victoria, the Workshops and Seminars cover more than 20 different topics including online business, marketing, better business practices, improving cash flow, buying a franchise and finding the right staff.

Business training events are located in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria and can be booked via the Workshop and Events Calendar.

The result

o2 Media attended workshops and seminars put on by the Victorian Government which altered the way they do business.