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Inspiring others and making a difference

I've always wanted to help people and contribute. Having a business where I can do this every day makes it all very real and extremely satisfying.
Karen Corr, Make a Change Australia, Bendigo

About the business

From start up entrepreneurs to volunteers, business owners, managers and staff, Make a Change works with people who want to create change in their organisation or community.

Founder and owner, Karen Corr, and her team accomplish this in a range of ways, inspiring people through events, training and workshops, and one-on-one tailored support programs.

Make a Change is now taking their offering across Australia by partnering with a national, not-for-profit organisation incubator.

'We started the business on a commitment to people, planet and profit,' says Karen.

'Social change initiatives help make flourishing, connected and strong communities.

'Building a business that has genuine dedication to making a difference in people's lives is what it's all about.'

Steps to start a new business