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Improving crop protection

'Finding ways to improve an already successful product could widen its market.'

Top tips

  • Use expert advice to widen your options for commercialisation
  • Know your sector: stay on top of research and trends in technology

Starpharma is using a Victorian Government Technology Voucher to improve the performance of its crop protection products. Starpharma makes dendrimers, sophisticated man-made molecules. They are useful in their own right or when used with other compounds.

The voucher is also helping Starpharma to do development work with its Victorian partners. Boron Molecular is producing Priostar® dendrimers for these trials and Eureka! AgResearch is using greenhouses to test the crop protection products.

Once the current greenhouse trials are completed and the best formulations are known, Starpharma plans to move to bigger field trials.

The crop protection market is worth $40 billion, so an improved product would create significant revenue.

The result

Starpharma is testing the product in greenhouse trials, and if successful, will move to larger field trials. The business has created some important new collaborations.