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Getting new technology to market with less risk

'A feasibility study reduces the risk by a big margin.'
Bluechiip Limited

Top tips

  • Research: find a new niche in a marketplace you know well
  • Use expert advice to widen your options for commercialisation
  • Know your sector: stay on top of research, trends and regulatory changes

Wireless tracking: world first for life sciences and health care

Bluechiip Limited used a Victorian Government technology voucher to help build a new wireless tracking system. The voucher helped pay for a feasibility study, and the study reduced the risk of getting the product to market.

Building super-tough chips to survive extremes

Wireless tracking is 'next generation'. It can replace labels, barcodes and radio frequency identification (RFID).

The bluechiip® technology can survive harsh conditions, including gamma irradiation and cryogenic storage. For example, the chips can be put inside individual medical containers, such as cryogenic vials and stem cell bags. The chips also endure high-temperatures. Conditions like these would ruin an electronic RFID chip. The new chip has wide application in the life-science research and health sectors.

Auditing freezers with closed doors

Bluechiip also created a 'smart' freezer product. It allows racks and boxes in a freezer to be found and audited — without having to open the freezer door. This product will appeal to industries such as pathology and healthcare which use cryogenic storage.

The result

Bluechiip found even more ways to use what was already a groundbreaking product. The feasibility study funded by the technology voucher reduced the risk involved in bringing a new product to market, and helped build important relationships.