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Get help to raise awareness of your business

They have really helped raise awareness of my services.
AJ Williams-Tchen, Girraway Ganyi Consultancy 

Top tips

  • Get business mentoring help
  • Use services on offer
  • Get your business listed in the Aboriginal Business Directory

The background

AJ Williams-Tchen is of Wiradjuri/Wotjobulak descent with family originating from both Victoria and New South Wales.

With years of experience in the health and community services sector specialising in Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing, AJ started Girraway Ganyi Consultancy (named after his children) in 2008.

Since then, his business has provided cultural awareness, mental health training and mentorship to thousands of people all over Australia. The business' clients are organisations, companies and all levels of government.

Making your business visible

AJ is a great networker who recognises the importance of profile. His business is listed in the Indigenous Business Directory, managed by the Indigenous Economic Development unit.

'They have really helped raise awareness of my services,' he says. 'I've not only had a lot of practical business and mentoring help from them, the visibility of a presence in the directory has been great.'

Get listed on the Aboriginal Business Directory

And the future for AJ? 'Embedding cultural awareness in the private and public sectors is my goal.'

'If I can help instil a sense of cultural confidence in the people I work with, I know my business is doing a really worthwhile job.'

About Indigenous Economic Development 

Small Business Victoria through its Indigenous Economic Development (IED) unit is responsible for ensuring the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation contributes to the economic opportunity for Indigenous Victorians.

The IED unit aims to stimulate sustainable employment for Indigenous Victorians; support the growth and diversity of Indigenous businesses; and identify opportunities for business productivity improvements and growth through strategic partnerships.

The IED unit is also linked to other Victorian Government programs and policies that promote pathways underpinning the continuous development of Indigenous businesses.

Through these actions the IED unit is improving the participation of Indigenous people in the private and public sectors of the Victorian economy.

The result

Girraway Ganyi Consultancy used the Victorian government’s Indigenous Economic Development program to raise awareness of their business in the community.