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Finding balance in business

Professionally, I really enjoy providing a service where I can help other business people. Personally, the flexibility of my own business gives me a shot at the elusive work/life balance.
Philippa Bakes, Philippa Bakes Business Advisory, Ocean Grove  

About the business

Philippa Bakes worked in corporate advisory roles in her native United Kingdom and then Hong Kong for more than fifteen years before she moved to Australia ten years ago.

Given the opportunity to create a new career life for herself, she decided to make the most of her skills and decided to open Phillipa Bakes Business Advisory, a business advising others on strategy and business improvement.

She is closely involved with the Geelong Angel Investor Network, a group of individuals who invest their cash and expertise to help local start-ups establish themselves and grow.

'Working with local entrepreneurs and business people is very satisfying,' she says. 'Helping them to see things more clearly and objectively is great to be part of.

'It's good for me, for them and the region as a whole.'

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