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Creating a safer patient journey through innovation

'We have created a health system that enables clinical staff to deliver faster, safer and effective care... we've had a high-level of interest and we actually have two orders placed from other health services for the iPJS.'  
Leanne Dillon, VP Patient Flow, Alcidion

Top tips

  • Real-time, relevant clinical information presented in user-friendly dashboards can provide better outcomes for patients, clinicians and care team staff.

A safer and more efficient patient journey

The Intelligent Patient Journey System (iPJS) is built on decision support informatics technology that generates clinical intelligence from very large data sets and displays this in clinician friendly dashboards that can be accessed by clinical staff anywhere within the hospital. These dashboards display patient information relevant to the patient’s clinical risk and progress during their hospital stay, promoting safer and more efficient care pathways.

Western Health has made a sustained commitment to the success of the iPJS innovation; it is now operational in the Orthopaedic, Stroke and Cancer wards at Western Hospital. The new technology has been very positively received by staff and can be seen operating in situ right now.

Clinicians can be overwhelmed by the volume of data that eHealth systems present, with no capacity to quickly and easily identify the data most relevant to a specific patient at the time of care.

The iPJS supports safer, faster, hospital journeys, at less cost and with better patient outcomes by placing decision support based, health informatics technology in the hands of clinicians and care team staff.

The iPJS is now operational in the Orthopaedic, Stroke and Cancer wards at Western Hospital.

Alcidion has developed a system that:

  • Makes the in-hospital patient journey visible to the whole multi-disciplinary care team.
  • Improves communication between care team members.
  • Communicates patient clinical risk and care decisions.
  • Improves the co-ordination of discharge/transfer planning.
  • Streamlines the patient journey.

The iPJS displays the current patient information and allows all members of the clinical team to view the clinical status of every patient in every ward or Clinical Unit, at a glance. This reduces the amount of paperwork, phone-calls and duplicate data entry needed to structure and track patient services.

This project was funded under the Victorian Government's Market Validation Program (MVP). The new Driving Business Innovation Program builds on the MVP.

Watch The Intelligent Patient Journey System (iPJS)

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The result

The roll-out of iPJS has reduced costs by more effectively tracking and mananging discharge targets. It has also improved care team productivity and promotes safer patient journeys. Alcidion is marketing the developed product as Miya Patient Flow.