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Victorian public holidays 2015, 2016

Find out when the Victorian public holidays are in 2015 and 2016.

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  • Victorian public holidays in 2015 and 2016.

Grand Final Friday

The Government has a long-standing commitment to make the Friday before the AFL Grand Final a public holiday. The economic impact of the new public holiday is the subject of a rigorous Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) which analyses the benefits and costs to businesses and the community. The RIS is now available online.

A listing of public holidays in Victoria for 2015-2016.

Holiday 2015 2016
New Year's Day Thu 1 Jan
Fri 1 Jan
Australia Day Mon 26 Jan
Tues 26 Jan
Labour Day Mon 9 Mar Mon 14 Mar
Good Friday* Fri 3 Apr
Fri 25 Mar
Saturday before
Easter Sunday
Sat 4 Apr
Sat 26 Mar
Easter Sunday
Sun 5 Apr
Easter Monday Mon 6 Apr
Mon 28 Mar 
ANZAC Day* Sat 25 Apr
Mon 25 Apr 
Queen's Birthday Mon 8 Jun
Mon 13 Jun
Melbourne Cup Tue 3 Nov Tue 1 Nov 
Christmas Day* Fri 25 Dec 

Tue 27 Dec 

(Substitute for Sun 25 Dec) 

Boxing Day

Sat 26 Dec and
Mon 28 Dec (additional day)

 Mon 26 Dec

*Restricted trading days  

Note: All public holiday dates are accurate at the time of publishing, but may be subject to change.

Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday across all of Victoria unless alternate local holiday has been arranged by non-metro council

Why isn't Easter Sunday 2016 listed?

In order to provide an ongoing Easter Sunday public holiday, the Subordinate Legislation Act 1994 requires the completion of a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS). The RIS process, including a mandatory public consultation period, will provide insightful and meaningful analysis (both quantitative and qualitative) of the benefits and costs of the public holiday on businesses and the broader community. The RIS process started in February and is expected to be completed in about five months.