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Victoria-Israel Trade and International Partnering (VISTRIP)

Up to $2,000 in grant assistance to attend trade events in Israel.

Program Overview 

The VISTRIP program provides for eligible organisations to attend trade missions, conferences, meetings and other events in Israel, for activities that are relevant to technological innovation.

The VISTRIP program is part of the Victoria-Israel Science Innovation and Technology Scheme (VISITS), an initiative providing Victorian and Israeli organisations with the opportunity to work collaboratively on projects of mutual benefit.

Applications for the VISTRIP program are currently suspended. Please refer to the Boost Your Business Voucher Program for current grant opportunities.

At a glance

Potential grant funding

Up to three grants per year per organisation.


You are eligible to apply if you represent a Victorian organisation from the private of public sector that engages in technological innovation.

Eligibility criteria

Victorian companies and research organisations are eligible to apply.

You are eligible to apply if you are a Victorian organisation that:

  • is an incorporated entity based and headquartered in Victoria
  • engages in R&D and/or development of products or services in Victoria
  • can lodge a complete application at least two weeks prior to the event and provide all claim documentation six weeks after the event.

Please note: Organisations must declare that alternative funding for the same expenses has not been sought or obtained from other sources.

Eligible organisations can receive up to three grants per year.  

Only one grant per organisation per event is permitted.

What you get

By participating in such events, organisations can:

  • develop skills and knowledge to enhance their competitiveness
  • build international connections such as new international relationships or partnering opportunities
  • build their income by improving sales, deal making or capital raising
  • enhance their international profile by entering new international markets
  • attract foreign investment and secure international licensing deals
  • benchmark products and services against the world's best
  • better understand international regulatory requirements
  • explore and adopt new and emerging technologies.

How to apply

Applications are submitted online. All supporting documentation needs to be received at least two weeks prior to the event. Once completed, you will receive an email to your nominated email address. Please keep this email and include it with your supporting documentation when you make your claim after the event.

The application requires:

  • a Project Plan outlining how attendance will achieve market outcomes
  • completed Statutory Declaration. The template is available online once you submit the Application Form
  • copy of your Certificate of Registration of a Company/Business Name
  • samples of specific presentation/promotional materials for the event.

Information to include in the project plan is:

  • inform – what skills and knowledge will the organisation acquire at the event to help the business be more competitive?
  • develop – what development goals will be achieved as a result of attendance at the event?
  • connect – what connections will occur as a result of attendance at the event?
  • adopt – how will adoption of new technology enhance competitiveness?

How to claim

Organisations must contact the Department within six weeks of attending the event in order to claim. The Department then provides a link to an on-line claim form.

The claim must include:

  • valid tax invoice* which includes the name of your company, its ABN and is addressed to the Department
  • copies of your airline ticket/boarding passes and receipt of payment
  • entry badge from the event attended
  • expenses report completed using the TRIP Program Expenses Report Template which must have a company letterhead and a signature
  • copies of receipts (showing actual payment for the amount you are claiming.

* A valid invoice must include a description including the name of the recipient and the address, the name and date of the trade event.  The invoice should specify the grant amount claimed plus the GST amount with a total figure and should have the words 'Tax Invoice' prominently stated.

Supporting documents should be ready to attach as electronic files (such as PDF documents from scanned originals).

A condition of receiving payment is completing evaluation data in the post-event claim form.  Evaluations will also take place 12 months after the event. These post-event surveys will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The information collected is required as part of the Victorian Government's financial support program and will be provided to the Department in order to assist in determining how its programs assist Victorian businesses.

The Department will treat all information provided as strictly confidential and handle it in accordance with its privacy policy. Results will only be reported in aggregated format.

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