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Network Programs

Assistance up to $15,000 to establish networks for small and medium businesses to share experiences and create opportunities.

Program Overview

The Network Program encourages small to medium sized enterprises to cooperate in strategic areas of business and to exploit opportunities beyond the reach of each individual firm.

At a glance

Potential grant funding

75 per cent of total project cost up to $15,000. 


To be considered for funding, participating businesses must be Victoria-based businesses, with at least 12 months of trading history, be financially viable and be a tradable service.

More eligibility criteria.

To see if your program is eligible, contact a Business Development Manager through your local Victorian Government Business Office.

Program Guidelines

Eligible groups can apply for a grant of 75 per cent of the cost of the program, up to a maximum of $15,000.

Support is available to establish networks, including customer supplier networks, innovation networks and lead firm networks. Support for network broking and network development assistance is to undertake an investigation and/or review of the:

  • business idea of the proposed network
  • capabilities of the individual firms in the network to implement the business idea
  • preparation of a detailed business plan for the network, including market research and any brand development work which may need to be undertaken and establishment of the legal basis for the network.

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible, businesses participating in Network Programs must:

  • be financially viable*
  • be a tradeable service **
  • be based in Victoria
  • have 12 months' trading history
  • have a commitment to innovation and/or potential for export/import replacement
  • have management strengths
  • be committed to strategic planning and growth.

* Financial Viability

Grow Your Business guidelines state businesses participating in a Network Program should have turnover (sales) in excess of $250,000. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal (or part thereof) of funding.

Grow Your Business Network Program applications for funding greater than $10,000 must include Final Accounts for the previous two (2) Financial Years, plus Interim Accounts if the Final Accounts are more than six (6) months old.

All information provided in a Grow Your Business application is treated as Commercial-in-Confidence.

** Tradeable Services

A business that falls under the definition of tradeable services include manufacturers (as indicated by the ANZSIC classification system) and service firms, showing they face import competition, are exporting or have the potential to export or internationalise their business operations in other ways.

Businesses that are not considered to be a Tradeable Service include but are not limited to:

  • retailers
  • sporting clubs
  • professional associations
  • business/trader associations
  • charities or not-for-profit groups
  • registered training organisations (RTOs)

What you need to have before applying check list:

Grow Your Business applicants are required to attach the following documentation to the application form as part of their submission:
  • a copy of the successful consultant’s proposal
  • correspondence from the applicant engaging the consultant to undertake the proposed work.

How to apply

Applications are submitted online.

To see if your project is eligible, contact a Business Development Manager through your local Victorian Government Business Office Business Development Manager

Or contact the Grow Your Business team.

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