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Grow Your Business

Get strategic planning help.

Program Overview 

Grow Your Business is a program designed to help small businesses develop and implement strategies to become internationally competitive. A range of planning and management services are offered.

Businesses can engage the services of an independent specialist to undertake either one-on-one or group programs. Businesses can apply one or more of the following program streams: 

  • Business Development Plan
  • Business Strategic Review
  • Business Development Plan - Mentoring
  • Group Program 
  • Network Program 

At a glance

Potential grant funding

Business Development Plan, Business Development Plan - Mentoring 

50% of total project cost up to $7,500 

Business Strategic Review

75% of total project cost up to $4,000  

Group and Network Programs 

75% of total project cost up to $15,000  


To be eligible for funding, businesses should be financially viable, with a turnover of over $500,000 ($250,000 for Group and Network programs), be a tradeable service and be based in Victoria. 

For more information on the full eligibility criteria, please visit the individual streams under this Program. 

Business Development Plan and Business Strategic Review

The Business Development Plan provides businesses with an opportunity to undertake a comprehensive strategic plan for future growth. The Business Strategic Review helps individual businesses to gain insights into their operations in order to make better strategic decisions.

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Business Development Plan- Mentoring

The Business Development Plan - Mentoring program assists businesses with the implementation of a strategic business plan.

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Group Programs

Group Programs develop the management skills and competencies required to support the long term growth of businesses.

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Network Programs

Network Programs encourage small to medium sized enterprises to cooperate in strategic areas of business.

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To get the best results, get in touch with the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15

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