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Managing organisational change

Turn change into something positive for your business.

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  • Dealing with the current situation
  • Planning for the future
  • Finding new opportunities

Many businesses are looking at restructuring during tough times, including making positions redundant and even closure. The Business in Transition Support program provides access to advice, online tools and opportunities for businesses facing changes.

Dealing with the current situation

When you are undertaking redundancy and retrenchment in your business there are steps that you can take to ensure the process is dealt with legally and with minimal issues. 

Check obligations

Check your obligations as an employer so you know how to deal with redundancy and retrenchment.

Understand workplace relations

Access simple, fair and flexible workplace relations for employees and employers at Fairwork Australia.

Skills training

Get government funded skills training for retrenched workers through the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Workers in Transition program.

Help with disputes

Get help with dispute resolution and mediation between small businesses and other parties involved in complaints from the office of the Victorian Small Business Commission.

Legal services

Get pro bono legal services for Victorian individuals and organisations in need through the Justice Connect.

Planning for the future

It is important that you have a plan for the future that will enable your business to thrive in a changing environment.

Business planning

Learn about business planning, financial management, innovation and marketing by registering for Small Business Workshops and Seminars.

Write a business plan for a changing environment.

Get one on one business advice from the experts by booking an appointment with the Small Business Victoria Mentoring Program.

Risk management

Use our risk management plan template to make sure you are always prepared.

Closing your business

Prepare everything you need to close your business with our Checklist: closing a business.

Financial advice

Get access to a range of financial information about insolvency and winding up solvent companies, as well as voluntary deregistration through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Finding new opportunities

While you are undergoing change, it is a good time to look for new opportunities for your business.


Open doors to export markets, government engagement and market research at your local Victorian Government Business Office.

Growth industries

Access programs that support businesses and facilitate the sustainable growth of venture capital and stimulate the commercialisation of research and emerging new technologies at


Explore and develop export opportunities through a range of programs and initiatives, including financial assistance.

Get access to grants that encourage and support new, creative and different business activities through the Enterprise Melbourne Small Business Grants.

Program Contact

Business in Transition Support
13 22 15 (local call)