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Business in Transition Support

Get real help through redundancy and retrenchment.

Program Overview

Support for employees facing retrenchment and for business owners during the restructure.

At a glance

Potential value of support 

Organise a free on site information session for employees facing retrenchment. Access valuable resources to help employees and employers.


All employees or employers facing redundancy or retrenchment are eligible to use the BiTS program.

To get the best results, get in contact with the Business in Transition Support (BiTS) team on 13 22 15.

How the BiTS team can support you

As an employee facing retrenchment, the BiTS team can help employees to:

As a business owner during restructure, the BiTS team can help business owners to:

How to apply

There are no applications required for this program. If you would like to organise an onsite visit, get in contact with the BiTS team by sending them an email.


Business in Transition Support contact details

  • Send the BiTS team an email using this
  • Or phone them for the cost of a local call on 13 22 15.


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