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Supply Chain Company - Automotive Supply Chain Transition Program

Apply to develop and implement a plan for transition for your automotive supply chain company.

Program Overview

The Automotive Supply Chain Transition Program (ASCTP) is an initiative providing Victorian automotive supply chain companies with intensive support to plan for their future.

Read the program guidelines:

Automotive Supply Chain Transition Program Guidlines (PDF 69.39 KB)PDF icon

Automotive Supply Chain Transition Program Guidelines (DOCX 143.78 KB)DOCX icon

At a glance

Potential assistance

Support valued at $5,000 to review an existing Business Transition Plan

Support valued at $16,000 to develop a Business Transition Plan

Support valued at up to $10,000 for Merger Advisory Services

Support valued at up to $55,000 for Business Transition Services


To participate in the Automotive Supply Chain Transition Program, applicants must be a Victorian based business with at least 10% of revenue derived from new car manufacturing by the three local car manufacturers (Ford, Holden and Toyota) and their supply chain.

Am I eligible?

Supply chain companies must meet all the following criteria to be eligible for assistance under the ASCTP:  
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be incorporated in Victoria
  • have been trading continuously since May 2013 (when the closure of the car companies was first announced)
  • be a Victorian based business, with at least 10% of revenue* derived from new car manufacturing by the three local car manufacturers (Ford, Holden and Toyota) and their supply chain
*Applicants may be required to provide evidence that confirms their revenue sources. 

What you need to have before applying 

Please ensure you have read the relevant Program Guidelines and understand the program requirements before submitting an application. 

Supply chain companies must select a Business Specialist from the supplier list below to develop their transition project. If you wish to work with a Business Specialist that is not listed, they must separately submit an application that meets the selection criteria and be approved to become a supplier to this program.

Applications for Business Transition and Merger Advisory Services must include a quote from the Business Specialist(s) outlining the scope of work to be delivered, pricing and relevant timelines.

What you get

Business Transition Plan

An independent Business Specialist will provide intensive assistance to participating supply chain companies. This will include the development of a transition plan to identify future opportunities, including target sectors and markets for diversification, as well as the strategies needed to pursue new opportunities.

Business Specialists can also be engaged to undertake a review of an existing transition plan that was developed outside of the program between May 2013 and November 2015. The review will determine if appropriate strategies are in place to assist the supply chain company through the transition period, and make recommendations for change where appropriate.

Business Transition Services

Participating supply chain companies may also be eligible to receive assistance towards business transition activities identified in their plan. The nature of support will depend on the outcomes identified in the Business Transition Plan.

Merger Advisory Services

Where business merger has been identified in the Business Transition Plan as the appropriate course of action, support for Merger Advisory Services may be provided to maximise retention of industry capability and jobs. Merger Advisory Services are designed to provide advice on the strategies required for a business merger. 

Tips and hints

Applicants must declare in their application that they have spoken to their nominated Business Specialist(s) about the ASCTP and are satisfied with work proposed.

Participating supply chain companies must dedicate appropriate resources to effectively deliver the project.  

How to apply

Applications must be submitted online. You must select an approved supplier from the Business Specialist Panel Document (PDF 385.45 KB)PDF icon to deliver your project. 

To get the best results, get in touch with the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15

Or email us here

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