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September financial planning calendar

Plan for increased revenue with these three reviews: internet technology, emergency plans and sustainability

On this page

  • Use of internet-based technology
  • Go green
  • Your emergency plan

'Future proof' your business with a focus on improving your product offering and service capabilities. According to a recent survey of Australian businesses these measures will boost your chances of increased revenue.

Review your use of internet-based technology

Internet technology can improve your profitability and productivity and drive your brand and reputation into global markets.

How to do it

  • make a list of all internet-based technology available and compare this to the technology used in your business
  • analyse internet-based technologies that your competitors and those in your industry use
  • prepare an action plan to implement further internet-based technologies in your business.

As part of your review:

Go green

Waste in business is a major expense. Reduce waste, and you’ll also reduce business costs and the impact on the environment. Green products and services also improve your offering to your customers.

How to do it

  1. look for simple ways in your business to reduce waste and reduce environmental impact
  2. use the Grow Me the Money tool to review, assess, measure, track and reduce water, energy and waste
  3. don't forget to let your customers know about your green innovations.

While you're thinking 'green':

  • ask your staff if they can think of ways to reduce environmental impact
  • consider getting an environmental auditor. Before you get one, ask to see a case study on a similar business to yours to see what potential savings and changes can be made.

Prepare or review your emergency plan

Have a plan in place for emergency events and disaster recovery to minimise financial damage caused by an unexpected interruption to trade. A plan can also reassure customers.

How to do it

  1. research the risks in your area and within your industry
  2. download emergency, contingency and disaster recovery plan templates and complete so your business will be well prepared for any one of these events.

When assessing risk and preparing for emergency:

  • complete a critical information list so you have all your important information at hand
  • prepare separate plans for emergency and disaster recovery
  • use the Workplace Emergency Management Manual (WEMM), a simple online tool that can help your business to create a plan for emergencies
  • test your plans regularly so you know everything is covered and you're well prepared.

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