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Find government quotes & tenders

Knowing where to look for tenders and what's on offer is crucial to success.

On this page

  • Understand the difference between a quote and a tender
  • Find out where tenders and quotes are advertised

Quotes and tenders – what's the difference?

Quotes and tenders are written offers to supply a specified good or service.

As a general rule:

  • Request for Quote is used for the purchase of goods and services that are lower in risk and complexity
  • Request for Tender is used for the purchase of goods and services that are high complexity and or risk, and/or that can be strategic in nature. RFTs can be either open, meaning released to the public, or closed, meaning released to a restricted number of suppliers.

Where are tenders advertised?

Look at existing Victorian Government Requests For Tenders on the Tenders VIC website. Departments must use Tenders VIC to advertise their tenders; agencies may do so if appropriate. The Business Tenders section of the Herald Sun publishes tender notifications every Wednesday.

Other Victorian Government tender websites include:

AusTender has the current list of Australian federal government tenders.

Use these websites to look for local government tenders and contacts: