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Finding contacts

Build ongoing relationships with the right contacts to win government business.

On this page

  • Getting into the government circle
  • Finding out about contracts going to market

Knowing the process is the first step in making contacts.

To get yourself known it is worth:

  • bidding for work if your business is capable
  • finding out about, and attending debriefs
  • attending government or industry association sponsored events
  • asking how their business unit source goods and services e.g. supplier lists, eQuotation tool.

You should also have an understanding of the department/business unit and what its needs are likely to be. Contact your Industry Capability Network to access sales opportunities within Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

State Purchase Contracts

State Purchase Contracts (SPCs) are contracts for commonly purchased goods and services across Victorian Government departments and agencies. The Procurement Victoria website has descriptions of contracted goods and services, time-frames for re-tendering and key contacts.

You should:

  • monitor the end-date of SPCs to see when the contract will go to market again
  • decide if you can tender for an existing 'open' contract (open panels accept new suppliers at set or other times during the contract period, whereas closed panels are restricted to the suppliers engaged at the start of the contract)
  • keep a record of contact details for your departmental contacts.

Contracts Register

The Contracts Register is the official website for all Victorian Government tenders (more than $150,000). Departments (and agencies where applicable) must also publish the details of contracts valued at $100,000 or higher on Tenders VIC within 60 days of the award of contract. Click Contracts on the homepage to see contracts for government departments and agencies listed, and details for departmental and agency contacts

You should:

  • find the contact details of the relevant contract manager for further information on when the department intends to approach the market again, whether there are any changes in the scope of what may be required, who to contact for technical advice, etc
  • look for the expiry date of existing contracts to obtain an indication of when contracts may be re-tendered
  • keep contact details for departmental and agency contacts

Health Purchasing Victoria

The Health Purchasing Victoria website (HPV) lists Victorian health sector business opportunities.

Victorian Government Directory

The Victorian Government Directory has contact details for all Victorian Government departments and related bodies.