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Sell from a business website

Take your business online and sell your products 24/7.

On this page

  • Set up your website for selling products using e-commerce and m-commerce
  • Be aware of cyber security
  • Choose the e-business platform that is best for you

More and more people are turning to the internet to buy products. The process of accepting payments online is often referred to as e-commerce. E-commerce includes online donations, subscriptions, invoice payments and gift certificates. The increase in mobile usage means that accepting mobile payments (m-commerce) is also becoming popular. If you are looking to sell products online, you need to choose the right e-business platform for your business.

What is an e-business platform?

E-business platforms provide businesses with the software and links that allow customers to:

  • see and select products for watch or purchase
  • place these products in a 'wish list' or shopping cart
  • order the products in the shopping cart and provide delivery instructions
  • pay for these products through an online payment facility using direct debit or credit card.

Of these functions, being able to pay for their products online in a secure environment is very important.  Cyber-security aware consumers are becoming more reluctant to give businesses their credit card details online, preferring to use online payment facilities such as PayPal.

Online payment facilities allow money to be transferred from customer to online seller without the customer needing to provide credit card details. Examples of online payment facilities include PayPal and SecurePay (a business of Australia Post). Both of these facilities can be linked to your business website for customer payments.

e-Business platform tips

When you are deciding which e-business platform is best for you, consider the following:

  • how do your customers typically like to pay and what platforms might they be familiar with?
  • what fees are charged and do these fees include ongoing monthly fees and per-transaction charges (flat rate or a percentage)?
  • how easy it is for you to set up the platform on your existing website and what it will look like?
  • consider the legal aspects of privacy, spam and electronic transactions, such as a privacy policy.

Privacy policy template (DOCX 26.88 KB)DOCX icon 

Selling without a website

Want to sell online but don’t have an existing business website? Australia Post’s My Online Shop is a step-by-step product for setting up an online store.

Your business will need to be registered with SecurePay in order to accept credit card payments.  Payments can also be made via PayPal, direct debit account and cheque.