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Environmental audit

Identify and implement solutions to cut energy use.

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  • Benefits of getting an environmental audit
  • Find an environmental auditor for your business

Environmental or sustainability audits are useful for businesses with large bills for energy, water or waste.

For example a bakery franchise could apply the lessons learnt from an audit to all franchises, and update the national operation or a production process.

An environmental audit can help:

  • make long-term savings to energy or water, or reduce waste. Example: printing firm switches to waterless inks and now uses only 1/50th of the water they once used
  • find unexpected ways to save money by recommending changes in behaviour. A good audit will take a close look at your business and suggest changes to workplace behaviours
  • you to be more sustainable and create new marketing opportunities with other businesses or consumers. This can include getting formal recognition or accreditation.

Some auditing companies offer software linked to an accounting package to track energy and water usage after the audit.

Before you hire an auditor, if possible, ask to see case studies on a similar business to help you decide on their approach and successes.

Once the first environmental audit is completed and savings have been made, business operators typically start looking for even more ways to be efficient.

Sustainability Victoria offers grants of up to $9000 for small and medium sized businesses through the Boosting Productivity energy assessment grants program

Who can do an energy and water audit?

Check the Melbourne carbon services directory to find advisers and consultants who offer a complete environmental audit for small to larger businesses

The Clean Energy Regulator offers a list of accredited energy auditors to assess your air conditioning and refrigeration. Visit the Clean Energy Regulator website.