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Cut costs

Become a more sustainable business and save your business money.

On this page

  • Choose which initiatives to sign up to for incentives and assistance
  • Consider your building design and energy supply
  • Think about the product life cycle of your products and services

Cut costs and increase market share

Use less and save money. Most of your savings will come from finding ways to reduce these three:

  • water
  • energy: electricity, gas and fuel use (which means cutting carbon dioxide and greenhouse emissions)
  • waste: recycle and use less materials.

Sustainability is best achieved by looking at all aspects of your business but if you don't have the time, focusing on one or two aspects of your business is a good start. Small Business Victoria offers a low cost seminar on 'Reducing Your Utility Costs' where you can work through individual issues related to your business with an expert workshop leader. For upcoming and scheduled events visit Workshops and Seminars.

Sign up for the Energy saver incentive

The Energy Saver Incentive, also referred to as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target scheme, is a Victorian Government initiative making energy efficiency more affordable and contributing to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Businesses selling or installing selected products and services that help households and selected businesses use less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions may be eligible to receive financial incentives.

The scheme operates by placing an obligation on liable energy retailers in Victoria to surrender a specified number of energy efficiency certificates every year. Each certificate represents a tonne of greenhouse gas abated. Revenue generated by accredited businesses through the sale of these certificates to liable parties enables accredited businesses to offer discounts and special offers on selected energy saving products and appliances installed at homes, businesses or other non-residential premises. The bigger the greenhouse gas reduction, the bigger the potential saving.

For a list of energy saving activities currently available under the scheme or to find out more visit the Energy Saver Incentive website.

Build or renovate using eco-smart building design and materials

Architects, builders and some trades (e.g. plumbers) offer specialist 'green' services and materials. Something as simple as a external paint with a thermal paint additive can cut 40% of the sun's heat, reducing your need to run expensive air conditioners. For more information visit our Environmentally friendly building page.

Replace your energy supply with accredited renewable 'green' energy

This can include solar or wind power you buy from your energy retailer. Eligible businesses buying small renewable energy generators, such as solar, hydro or wind systems, will get Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The credits in the certificates can be used to cut the cost of installing the system. Run by the federal government clean energy regulator, visit the Clean Energy Regulator website to find out more.

Design products with their entire life cycle in mind

'Eco-design' and 'life cycle design' considers all the raw materials and energy used to manufacture, distribute and use a product to the end of its life. Sustainability Victoria offers useful resources on Lifecycle management.