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Apply for a child employment permit: General industries

Get your application right to make sure it's successful.

On this page

  • Complete Child employment permit application form
  • Understand additional requirements
  • Find additional forms for specific situations
Organisations that employ a child for whom a permit is required under the Child Employment Act 2003 are also required to comply with Child Safe Standards. Visit the Commission for Children and Young People's website for more information.

Employing children in retail and hospitality (and other non-entertainment industries)

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Apply for a permit

Please ensure you understand the laws and requirements around child employment in industries other that entertainment before you begin your application.

It is also important for employers to know that:

Online application

The online form can be used for:

  • application for child employment permit
  • application to vary hours of work or rest breaks.

Application for child employment permit & variations - general industries

The online forms have many time saving features and all applicants are encouraged to use them, however, if you are unable to complete this form online, you can use the offline forms below.

Offline application

If you do not have access to or are not able to complete the application online, you can download the offline application forms.

Please note that screen reader friendly versions of these forms are available in the handy tools section at the bottom of this page.

Application for child employment permit (all industries except entertainment) (PDF 532.17 KB)PDF icon

Situation specific requirements

If you need to apply to vary the hours of work or rest breaks set down in the Act then you will have to complete the form below.

Application to vary maximum hours and rest breaks (PDF 436.45 KB)PDF icon

Contact a child employment officer


Ph: 1800 287 287