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Keep good staff records

Pay staff correctly and forecast costs.

On this page

  • Use our staff details template
  • Understand exactly what staff records you should keep

Records you should keep

You are required, by the The federal Fair Work Act 2009 to keep and maintain records of the dates and hours your employees work for you and how much they're paid. The Act also requires you to give employees regular payslips with these details, as a hard copy or in electronic form.

Good record keeping makes sure you pay workers correctly. It also gives you useful information to forecast future costs.

Other employee records you are obliged to keep are:

  • start and end date of employment or contract end date
  • what agreement covers their employment e.g. award, workplace agreement, contract
  • start and finish times of overtime hours worked for employees entitled to overtime penalty rates or loadings
  • leave accruals e.g. annual leave and personal leave
  • superannuation fund and contribution details.

Documentation to complete

There are a number of documents which the employee must complete as a part of the recruitment process including:

  • contact information
  • emergency contact details (in case of emergency whilst at work)
  • bank account details (so wages can be paid into the nominated account).

It is easier if a form is created which lists all of these details and can be put into the employee's file.

Staff details template (DOCX 36.08 KB)DOCX icon

Tax file declaration form

A Tax file number declaration form needs to be completed so that you can work out how much tax to withhold from employee payments. Ask employees to download the Tax file number declaration form from the Australian Taxation Office website and either fill it in on the screen or print the form and fill it in by hand.

Tax file declaration form

Super choice form

This is required so the employer can pay superannuation into the employee’s chosen fund. Copies are available on the ATO website.

Standard super provider choice form

Fair Work Information Statement

As of 1 January 2010 employers covered by the national workplace relations system must provide all new employees with the new Fair Work Information Statement. It provides basic information for workers on matters that will affect their employment and points to where they can find out more on terms and conditions of employment.