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Transcript: Victorian Invitation Program - Red Lion Engineering, Creating Global Oppportunities

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  • Transcript of video case study of engineering business who participated in the Victorian Invitation Program and won a quarter of a million dollar deal

Victorian Invitation Program - Red Lion Engineering:  Creating Global Opportunities

[Title:  vip/Victoria Invitation Program - Red Lion Engineering:  Creating Global Opportunities]

Kin Cheong - Proprietor, Technical Director:  Red Lion Engineering
Kin Cheong is my name.  I am one of the co-founders and director of Red Lion Engineering.  I set up the company over 12 months ago, and I’ve been in the automotive industry for over 30 years.

Wen Shan - Proprietor, Sales Director:  Red Lion Engineering
My name is Wen Shan.  And I’m the other co-founder and a director of the company.  I have been working in Australia for the last 20 years.  I was originally from China.  I have worked in both China and the Australian automotive field.

[Vision:  Red Lion Engineering - vehicle drawings]

[Kin Cheong speaking]
We are a professional automotive services company offering engineering services to the automotive industry primarily in the Asia region, and primarily China.

[Wen Shan speaking]
Soon after we established the company we were invited by the Victorian Government to participate in the supply showcase as a part of the Auto Week Program.  And during the program, and the Department of Industry program, asked us to see if we can invite some VIP clients that could benefit from the vip program.  We have – and at the time we were negotiating with a partnership with Chili and the way – as a consequence we invite them and involve in the vip program.

[Kin Cheong speaking]
So it was an opportunity that we took on and invited a critical client that was going to make a decision on the contract that we were negotiating.  At the vip program the client actually announced that we actually sign the contract.

[Vision:  Vehicle production line]
This is a big step for a start-up company like us, especially in a very competitive automotive industry in China.

[Kin Cheong speaking]
Right now we can use this contract as an endorsement of our capability to the automotive industry in China.

[Wen Shan speaking]
In Asia to build the relationship and trust is very important.  And the relationship and trust really you can’t avoid face-to-face meetings. 

[Vison:  Red Lion website screenshots]
And to have an inbound mission to bring the client to meet us here, and give that opportunity to meet the people in person, and they experience the life in Australia in Melbourne was to offer, really in a relaxed environment. 

[Wen Shan speaking]
I think that was really the way our people offer.

[Kin Cheong speaking]
I thoroughly recommend, strongly recommend, any specialist start-up business who wants to embark on businesses internationally, to use this program as much as possible, because this is a huge, huge benefit for companies that are probably not capable of showcasing their capabilities internationally.  This is an opportunity to bring visitors into Victoria.  And it’s critically important for them to understand that we have the backing and the support of the Local Government in whatever we do in the industry.

[Red Lion Engineering - vip/Victoria Invitation Program - Victoria]

[Speaker:  Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]