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Eligibility: International Delegates

Know the terms and conditions for inbound trade mission applicants

On this page

  • Conditions for all applicants and conduct requirements
  • Learn how applicants are approved
  • List of expenses covered and excluded

Terms and Conditions

All Applicants applying to participate on the Trade Mission, agree that their application, and if accepted, participation on the Trade Mission, is in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below.

1. Approval of Applicants

1.1 An Applicant will be notified in writing by the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (the Department) if the Applicant has been approved by the Department to participate in the Trade Mission (Approved Applicant) and, if applicable, is eligible to receive the Financial Assistance.

1.2 Neither an Approved Applicant nor its employees or agents shall by reason of its participation in the Trade Mission be an agent of or in the service or employment of the State of Victoria.

2. Conduct and Cooperation of Attendees

2.1 All Trade Mission Attendees must conduct themselves in a professional manner having regard to the spirit and intent of the Trade Mission. The approved Applicant will be responsible for the welfare and conduct of its Trade Mission Attendees at all times.

2.2 All Trade Mission Attendees must cooperate at all times with the Department in relation to their participation in the Trade Mission. If the Department is of the reasonable opinion that an Approved Applicant or Trade Mission attendee has not cooperated with the Department, or in the reasonable opinion of the Department, has conducted itself with a lack of professionalism, acted inappropriately in any way, or has engaged in conduct which may bring the Department, the State, the Trade Mission, the Approved Applicant or the Trade Mission Attendee into disrepute, the Department reserves the right to exclude the Applicant from participation in this and future Trade Missions and may require the Approved Applicant to pay the Department on demand the amount of any costs and expenses incurred or reasonably anticipated associated with their participation in the program. The Department shall not be liable for any costs, expenses or damages in any way associated with the exclusion of Trade Mission Attendees from the Mission for any reason whether under this clause 2.2 or 2.3 or otherwise.

2.3 All Trade Mission Attendees are required to participate in their full scheduled program events during the Mission.  The Department reserves the right to invoice the Approved Applicant for any anticipated or incurred expenses for Trade Mission Attendees who cancel or fail to attend.  The Department reserves the right to exclude the Applicant from participation in this and future Trade Missions for failure to attend events.

3. Acknowledgment of Risk & Responsibility

3.1 All Trade Mission Attendees must hold and maintain travel and other appropriate insurances in connection with attendance at, and participation in, the Trade Mission.

3.2 All Approved Applicants accept full responsibility for all of the business and organisational outcomes arising from their participation. The Department will not be held responsible for the investment decisions or any commercial endeavours of any of the Trade Mission Applicants, Trade Mission Attendees or any associated persons.

4. Trade Mission Evaluation

4.1 If requested by the Department, All Mission Attendees agree to participate in a formal evaluation of the Trade Mission conducted by the Department or its agents immediately after the mission and again twelve (12) months post the mission.

4.2 If evaluation forms are not received, the Department reserves the right to exclude the Applicant from participation in future Trade Missions.

4.3 Company data is collected for aggregate statistical reporting purposes only and, subject to clause 5 and 6, specific data related to individual Trade Mission Applicants or Trade Mission Attendees is not intended for publication or release except with their written permission. 

5. Promotion & Acknowledgment

5.1 The Department reserves the right to publicise the benefits accruing to the Approved Applicant arising from the Trade Mission.

5.2 If requested by the Department, an Approved Applicant must acknowledge the support provided by the Department in any relevant publicity undertaken by the Approved Applicant.

6. Privacy Collection Notice

6.1 The Applicant consents to the collection and disclosure of their personal information and declares that they are authorised to provide the personal information of third parties where applicable.

6.2 The Applicant consents to the Department contacting the Applicant or nominee to facilitate networking opportunities with other businesses and for program evaluation purposes. The Applicant further consents to the disclosure of the personal information to other Trade Mission Attendees.

6.3 Personal information collected by the Department will only be disclosed lawfully. All persons have a right to access and correct their personal information. Go to for the Department’s privacy policy and more information.

What is included and excluded?

If your application is successful the Victorian Government will cover the following program expenses:

  • accommodation at a 4+ star rated facility for the duration of the program, up to 5 nights
  • all official program activities including transport to and from activities
  • breakfasts and some meals when part of the official program

What is excluded:

  • your airfare and any associated travel expenses including visas
  • travel insurances
  • transport to and from the airport
  • meals which are not covered by the official program
  • travel to individual businesses arranged by yourself
  • any activities outside of the official program
  • any private expenses incurred during your stay.